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Dispelling The Myths, with the “I am CBD, I am THC” Video Series

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Dispelling The Myths, with the “I am CBD, I am THC” Video Series

Dispelling The Myths, with the "I am CBD, I am THC" Video Series

Everyone is talking about CBD and we are learning so much about all of the potential health and wellness benefits it has.  However, there still seems to be a lot of confusion, misinformation, and myths about CBD and THC floating around.  All of the misleading information makes it difficult for people to make a sound decision about CBD oil.  All of the misleading information and in some cases, just totally wrong information leaves people confused and in some cases missing out on one of the many possible health and wellness benefits of CBD oil.

Many people think CBD and THC are basically the same things.  If they were family, brothers maybe but that isn’t true at all.  If CBD and THC were related the would probably be more like distinct cousins.

Many also think CBD oil gets you high like THC!  Yet another misconception, not only is CBD oil a distant cousin it doesn’t get you high like THC.  Not to mention, CBD can legally travel around the country while THC must be super careful if he just leaves the house.  They are two very different things but watch the video series they do a great job of educating people with humor

Don’t you think choosing to use CBD oil or anything else with possible health and wellness benefits should be a choice made without any false information? I certainly do and I think Diamond CBD went about it perfectly.  I’m excited to share the “I am CBD, I am THC” video series with you.  Thankfully, Diamond CBD realized that someone needed to set the records straight with the “I am CBD, I am THC” video series which they launched nationwide!

What is the purpose of the “I am CBD, I am THC” video campaign?

The “I am CBD, I am THC” video campaign focuses on helping educated consumers and eliminates the misinformation about CBD and THC.  There are several videos in the “I am CBD, I am THC” video series and all include information to help properly educate people.  You may notice that all the videos’ in the series are called “I am CBD, I am THC” but if you watch them you’ll quickly realize that each video touches different topics, everything from the legality of CBD and THC to the benefits of CBD oil.  The videos are more than informative, you’ll likely find the video series educational with an awesome twist of humor.

The “I am CBD, I am THC” video series educates and dispels myths about CBD and THC with humorous exchanges between CBD and THC.  There are eight videos included in the series:

Dispelling The Myths, with the "I am CBD, I am THC" Video SeriesVideo #1 CBD and THC meet

Watching CBD and THC meet for the first time and teach viewers how they are different from one another with some great humorous exchanges.

Video #2 CBD with Benefits

This video teaches viewers about CBD and how it’s good for people health.  Dang it, THC is starting to get a little jelly!

Video #3 CBD is Free

Yes, this video covers the legality of CBD.  Poor, THC he just doesn’t have the freedom to travel the country the way CBD does.

Video #4 Family Tree

Covers the CBD and THC relationship.  FYI, they are not as closely related as you may think.

Dispelling The Myths, with the "I am CBD, I am THC" Video SeriesVideo #5 Side effects

Yes, this video covers the side effects and is super fun to watch.

Video #6 A Proud Diamond CBD

This video covers where CBD comes from!

Video #7 THC’s Legal Issues

Poor THC he just doesn’t get to enjoy the legal status that CBD does.

Video #8 Batch Tested

Since every batch of CBD at Diamond CBD is tested and certified by a third party for freshness, potency the thought it was important to include a video about another widely asked questions, “How do I know I’m buying quality CBD?”  Plus, it’s loads of fun to watch CBD and THC in this video.  I think it’s safe to say CBD wins, hands down and he knows it.

Video # 9 

I know, I know I said there were only 8 videos but I fibbed.  CBD and THC came together for a 9th video for Thanksgiving and poor THC was left outside but CBD comes to the rescue! Oh, and he has turkey!

Be sure to check out the I am CBD, I am THC video series campaign!  The videos are seriously fun to watch even if you are up to date and have all the CBD facts!

But, WAIT! What if I still have questions about CBD after watching “I am CBD, I am THC” video series?   Phew… Diamond CBD created a database for that.

While the videos answer a lot of questions you might still have a few so Diamond CBD decided to take things a step further and create the CBD Education Center.  This handy tool is a database loaded with up-to-date information about CBD.  Consumers finally have a place to go to get the CBD facts and dispose of the myths and misinformation.

With all the CBD research going on the CBD Education Center is just what we needed to help us stay up-to-date with all the update CBD information, new and research.  You’ll find a variety of topics in the CBD Education Center such as:

  • CBD for all pets
  • Difference between BCD and THC
  • The history of CBD
  • Conditions that CBD can help with
  • What CBD is
  • The science behind CBD oil
  • The legality of CBD

Oh, and not to worry!  Diamond CBD knows that information about CBD is updating all the time so they will keep this database up to date with all the latest CBD news, information, and research.

With CBD becoming more and more popular Diamond CBD wanted to give everyone the information they needed without all the seriousness.  Plus, by educating us, the customers with some great information and humor, Diamond CBD is helping raise the standards of the CBD industry as a whole.  Yes, education is key, huge thanks to Diamond CBD for helping keep consumers informed with the CBD Education Center!

The production of the “I am CBD, I am THC” video campaign was done Creative Propulsion Labs.


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