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Dispelling Myths About Plan B One-Step


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With so many unplanned pregnancies in the United States, having an emergency contraception pill like Plan B One-Step can help prevent many unplanned pregnancies.  However, many women might not know the facts about the so-called “morning after pill”, which could help reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies.

I used to be against emergency contraceptive products like Plan B One-Step, but after talking to my sister-in-law and doing my own research I’ve changed my mind. There are tons of myths about Plan B One-Step that are simply not true and can easily deter women from taking this single pill to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Dispelling Myths About Plan B One-Step

Dispelling Myths About Plan B One-Step

To help other women, I wanted to help by dispelling a few myths about Plan B One-Step:

Myth #1: “Plan B One-Step will interfere with existing pregnancy”

Plan B One-Step is NOT the same as having an abortion and will NOT interfere with an existing pregnancy.

I think I bought into the whole “abortion pill” hype, but it’s by far one of the biggest myths about Plan B One-Step.  To be clear, Plan B One-Step helps women PREVENT pregnancy and will NOT work if a woman has already become pregnant and will NOT interfere with any existing pregnancies.

The active ingredient in Plan B One-Step is levonorgestrel, which is the same ingredient in many common birth control pills.  It’s just used at a higher, single dose. Plan B One-Step works in a similar way as birth control pills, mostly by delaying or preventing ovulation, which helps to prevent pregnancy before it begins.

In other words, if a pregnancy already exists Plan B One-Step will not affect an existing pregnancy.

Dispelling Myths About Plan B One-Step 1

Myth #2: “Women have to see their doctor and get a prescription to purchase Plan B One-Step”

Wrong, you actually do NOT need a prescription, Plan B One-Step is sold over the counter, it’s available right on the shelf.

Many women think they need a prescription to purchase Plan B One-Step, but you actually do not.  Plan B One-Step is an over the counter item. I found mine on the counter next to the feminine hygiene products in my local Walgreens.  However, if you can’t find it on the shelf you can ask your pharmacist and they will help you find it and answer any questions you may have about it.  But don’t worry there is no need to answer questions. They should just hand you the product if you ask.

And, it’s worth noting that you can currently save $10 on your next Plan B One-Step purchase with this coupon.

Plan B Myths

Myth #3: “You have to have a valid ID to purchase Plan B One-Step”

Not true, you do NOT have to show your ID to purchase Plan B One-Step.

Many people think they have to show their ID when purchasing Plan B One-Step, but that is not the case.  Not only is Plan B One-Step an over-the-counter item it is now available to women of any age and you do not have to show your ID when purchasing.

Myth #4: “You can only take Plan B One-Step the morning after”

This is not true, but as a matter of a fact the sooner you take Plan B One-Step the better it works.

Plan B One-Step must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex or after birth control fails, but some sources say you can take it for up to 5 days.  However, this is not what the packaging says, so I do highly encourage anyone using Plan B One-Step to take it as soon as possible, within 72 hours of unprotected sex and to follow the directions on the packaging.

Myth #5: “Plan B One-Step can be used in place of regular birth control”

False, Plan B One-Step should NOT be used as a regular birth control.

Plan B One-Step is a great backup method that can be used to help prevent unwanted pregnancy, but it’s important to remember that you should use it as directed, and it should not replace or be used in place of regular birth control.

Myth #6: “Mostly younger women use emergency contraception”

Not true, as a matter of fact, did you know, half the women who use Plan B One-Step are 18 to 24 years of age?  The other half are over the age of 25. So, the common misperception is that mostly younger women use the product, but in fact, there is no specific “type” of woman who uses emergency contraception.

In my opinion, Emergency Contraception is an important option for all women and their family planning efforts.

What are your thoughts on emergency contraception and what myths have you heard?

You can learn more about Plan B One-Step and get your $10 off coupon by visiting PlanBOneStep.com.


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