DIY White Chocolate Spoons & Coffee Mug Gift Idea

Tis’ the season to be jolly and to start taking care of that Christmas list.  Oh, yeah, it’s that time of year, and I have a few awesome gift ideas for you.  The best thing is that they will not break the bank!  I purchased this super cute coffee cup from Hallmark; it even has a little red sweater, made the DIY White Chocolate Spoons I’m sharing with you today, and it turned out super cute.  Check it out:

Quick Easy DIY Chocolate Spoons & Gift IdeasDIY White Chocolate Spoons Coffee Mug Gift Idea

You’ll Need:

  • Almond Bark
  • Spoon Mold

For the mug:

  • Coffee mug I got mine from Hallmark, they have some super cute mugs that won’t break the bank
  • Clear party plastic bag
  • White Chocolate Spoons
  • Hot Coco or drink of your choice to go with the spoons.

Let’s make these super easy white chocolate spoons for hot chocolate or whatever you want to use it for:

Quick Easy DIY Chocolate Spoons & Gift Ideas

  • Using a double broiler or a melting pot and melt your almond bark.

Quick Easy DIY Chocolate Spoons & Gift Ideas

  • Using a spoon fill the mold and allow to cool completely.

Quick Easy DIY Chocolate Spoons & Gift Ideas

  • I put mine is the fridge for about an hour just to speed things up a big.  Oh, and don’t make fun of my mold, lol.  My girls filled them it was they’re very the first time.  They did pretty well, right?

Quick Easy DIY Chocolate Spoons & Gift Ideas

  • Once spoons are cool, you can remove them from the mold.

Quick Easy DIY Chocolate Spoons & Gift IdeasPutting Christmas Filled Mug Gift:

  • You can do this however you want, but I placed the clear plastic party bag inside the cup, put three single service packs of hot chocolate and three white chocolate spoons.
  • I then seal up the top of the bag using a ribbon, add a few bows and it’s ready for one of the kids teacher, even thought it’s a great gift for anyone.  I know I would love this super cute coffee cup with cocoa and yummy white chocolate spoons!

Easy DIY Chocolate Spoons & Gift Ideas CraftsWe already know that Hallmark has all sorts of awesome greeting cards, but did you know they have so much other AWESOME stuff?  Yes, great gift ideas for Christmas if you’re looking!  I purchased all sorts of goodies for the upcoming holiday, which makes me happy because I that’s gift that I no longer need to worry about and I know they’ll love them.  Check it out:

Gift Ideas for ChristmasSnowman Candy Dish – Teacher gift, Vayda’s teacher always has a candy dish, but not one for Christmas yet lol.  Don’t worry we’re giving it to her early so she doesn’t grab one.  OMG, super cute snowman towel, don’t you just love it!  I’m going to admit, I am really thinking about keeping the snowman towel and spatula I got from for myself lol.  It’s okay right?  NO, it’s not I can’t do that it’s a Christmas gift.  I just wouldn’t feel right doing that, darn it lol.

Be sure to head over to and check out all the awesomeness they have going on.  I’m sure you’ll find something for someone on your list.


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