DIY Wood Crate Cat Bed

by Jenn

If you are a cat lover like myself, then seeing your cat happy puts a smile on your face. I have animals of all shapes and sizes, I’m not even joking.  If you were to visit my home you’d find a mini-potbelly pig, duck, Flemish giant rabbit, dog, horses and of course my cats.  I love them equally, but the other day I was thinking and my poor cats don’t get spoiled as much as the other animals and I dearly love my cats, especially Twix.  We have had her for about 10 years so she certainly deserves a little spoiling don’t you think?

DIY Wood Crate Cat Bed

I recently made my dog an awesome bed and I’ve noticed that my cat Twix likes to sleep on it when Sasha is outside.  Rather than watch the two fight over the bed I decided to do something special for Twix and came up with this DIY Wood Crate Cat Bed project, which I think turned out rather nicely and it was super easy to make.  Not to mention, I got everything I needed to make this awesome DIY Cat Bed from my local Target, including all the Meow Mix items my cat loves.  The treats really were a great way to make her feel special.  

DIY Wood Crate Cat BedDIY Wood Crate Cat Bed

You’ll need the following items to make your own DIY Wood Crate Cat Bed:

  • Wood Crate
  • Spray paint
  • Sanding Paper
  • Wood Stain

To get your cats their own special bed follow the instructions below.

  • Paint an entire wood crate with spray paint the color of your choice and allow to dry.
  • Rough up the spray paint a little with the sandpaper to give in an old look.
  • Apply stain, and allow to dry.
  • Add a pillow or blankets to make the bed nice and comfortable for your cat and watch them love their new bed.
DIY Wood Crate Cat Bed

The DIY Wood Crate Cat Bed is fairly easy and your cat will appreciate it for a long time.  Plus, you can get everything you need for your cat’s bed while you are picking up their favorite Meow Mix treats at your local Target.  Between the new comfortable bed and the wonderful Meow Mix items, your cat will without a doubt be the happiest cat on the block. Twix was super excited to see all her awesome treats.  To be honest, I think the wood crate bed was her least favorite she wanted to bust into the good stuff!  Twix’s favorite Meow Mix product is the Meow Mix Tender Favorites with REAL Salmon & Crab Meat and the Meow Mix Irresistible.  Oh, and we can’t forget about the Meow Mix Bistro Recipes, which all cats seem to enjoy, but that’s not all you can score at your local Target.

DIY Wood Crate Cat Bed

Meow Mix is a great way for Twix and I to bond, normally she stays away from everyone but since she has been getting a little extra attention I’ve noticed she is spending more time hanging out with me in the mornings and it’s been great.  I’ve really missed the sweet loveable cat she was in her younger years.  Maybe that’s all she needed, a little love, and Meow Mix. Don’t forget it’s your one-stop shop for everything you need to make your furry friend a wood crate bed and all their favorite treats. Check out the entire Meow Mix collection to be sure and Shop Meow Mix Products at Target Oh, and if you’re not an avid Target shopper you’ll defiantly want to check out Cartwheel, which is a great way to save money on products you like.   Right now you can score 25% off Meow Mix treats, 15% off Meow Mix wet cat food, and 10% off Meow Mix dry cat food on the Cartwheel app.

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Christina Almond May 10, 2018 - 10:35 pm

I love that–it’s a unique idea that would stand out in your home and easy to do as well!


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