Do Nannies Teach? Understanding The Role Of Your Nanny

by Jenn

The short answer is yes. Nannies do teach children but they are not qualified teachers, don’t expect them to follow a curriculum or replace your early learning centre. 

The basic role of a nanny is to look after your child or children by creating a safe environment for them to play and even learn. However, it should be noted that there are different types of nannies.

The Night Nanny

A night nanny can and should be hired from a specialist night nanny agency. Their role is simply to be at your home for the night, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. This can seem indulgent but it is increasingly popular for a reason. When you sleep well you are better able to function and deal with all the daily issues. Sleep also allows your body to recover and heal, the night nanny makes this possible. 

However, a night nanny’s role is simply to look after the children if they wake up, deal with their need for food, change a nappy, or anything else that needs doing, and settle them back down. They won’t be teaching your baby anything. 

Live-In Nannies

The role of a live-in nanny can often be harder to distinguish. This is because they are at the house all the time. The children get used to them being there and don’t differentiate between time on duty and time off duty. 

This type of nanny lives with you, as opposed to the live-out nanny who is only at your home for the designated shifts. It’s easier to stay late at work with a live-in nanny as they are there to look after the kids. But, you should note that this isn’t a given, a live-in nanny will still have defined working hours, if you treat them as your personal childminder at all times they are likely to move on. 

In all cases, the day nanny will monitor your children, help them learn from their mistakes, and can guide them through specific tasks and educational material. This is generally seen as part of the role as it helps the child grow and learn while being looked after. 

Nannies can also do household chores, such as vacuuming, cooking, and even cleaning. As the children grow they will take them to and from school and even organize all their appointments. They will also take them to various out-of-school clubs and events. 

Age Level

In general, you adopt a different type of nanny as your child gets older. It can be the same nanny with an adjustment in responsibilities or a new nanny. In general, a nanny will just look after your child until they are aged four. After this, as your child starts school, the nanny is likely to include household chores in their list, keeping them busy while the child is at school. 

This can last until your child is a teenager when you no longer need a nanny, just a housekeeper. The exact details of each role are decided between you and your nanny. But, using a reputable agency helps to ensure a nanny facilitates your child’s education. That gives them the best possible start in life. 

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