Don’t Miss Monkey Up with Crystal the Monkey

by Jenn

OMG, have you heard what film is coming to DVD on the 19th of January 2016?  You remember Night at the Museum 1, 2, and 3?  If not I highly suggest watching them because they are awesome and star Crystal the Monkey just like the new film Monkey Up does!  Yes, that oh so the smart monkey is back thanks to the wonderful creators of the Air Bud and Air Buddies films, Air Bud Entertainment.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited to see another film from the makers of Air Bud and Buddies, especially with Crystal, the Monkey!  Here are all the details.  Don’t worry I won’t spoil things for you by telling you too much, I pinky promise.

Don’t Miss Monkey Up with Crystal the MonkeyDon’t Miss Monkey Up with Crystal the Monkey

MONKEY UP is on Digital HD as of January 19th 2016 and you can grab it on DVD February 2, 2016.  Yes, if you’re a streamer like myself you’ll be able to see this hilarious and heartwarming movie the whole family will love before it hits the shelves on DVD.  It’s going to be GREAT to see MONKEY UP starring the one and only Crystal the super duper cute and talented Capuchin monkey everyone has fallen in love with.  If you didn’t already know she was not only the monkey in Night at the Museum but also starred in The Hangover.  Yes, that’s, Crystal and she are back in an all-new adventure MONKEY UP, where Crystal stars as the main character Monty who’s the start of Monkey Up energy drink commercials and dreams of breaking out of advertising to head toward the A-list player on the Hollywood scene.

MONKEY UP has been rated Family Friendly by The Dove Foundation and is produced by Air Bud Entertainment (TV’s Cheers, all Pixar films), the excellent production team that has been entertaining us with Air Bud and Air Buddies.  MONKEY UP is being released through Air Bud Entertainment and their partnership with Alchemy (leading independent film and tv distributor).

Don’t Miss Monkey Up with Crystal the MonkeyI know you are probably wondering if Crystal will be the only character, lol.  Of course she isn’t, you’ll also see Jan Ratzenberger, David Milchard (YouTube sensation), Danny Woodburn (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2), Johnathan Mangum (House at the end of the Drive), Erin Allin O’Reilly (Dumb and Dumber to), and Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect 2) as the voice of Monty (Crystal the Monkey).  MONKEY UP is directed by the one and only Robert Vince and written by not only Robert Vince but Anna McRobers, Kirsten Hansen and Mary Pocrnic, and last but not least produced by Anna McRobersts.

MONKEY UP also has a few promotional partners supporting the new film which are Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores, Diana’s Bananas Inc., Riviana Foods’ Success® Rice, and Flatout Flatbread.

Don’t Miss Monkey Up with Crystal the MonkeyWho else is ready to meet Monty who is a precocious actor, spokesperson and a what, talking Capuchin Monkey?  Yes, not only is he a talking monkey he is the face of the energy drink ‘Monkey Up’ yet dreams of one day becoming the very first award winning monkey movie star.  However, the greedy owner of the Monkey Up energy drink has different plans for Monty.  and the chase is on.  Join Monty and friends while he escapes and meets the Andrews, his new friends.  You’ll love Mort, Mooner and Melody in this wild chase that prooves Monty is without a doubt the fastest.  With the help of his friend Monty learns that fame and fortune come and go and that it’s family that is around for the long haul.

MONKEY UP is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Don’t Miss Monkey Up with Crystal the MonkeyWe’re planning on watching Monkey Up with the kids this evening.  We’re already planning a family movie night just for the release of Monkey Up.  Yes, it’s an extra movie night this week which means more time together as a family and I need to remember to get dinner done a bit earlier so we have time to sit down together and watch Monkey Up.  I’m so horrible at remembering to start dinner early lol.  I’m going to put a reminder in my phone, BAM problem solved.

If you haven’t been to Air Bud Entertainment’s website I suggest swinging by with the kids, there is some pretty fun stuff going on and you can find their website at  Don’t forget to keep up with everything Air Bud Entertainment has going on by liking them on Facebook, following on Twitter and, of course, subscribing on YouTube.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the wonderful people from Air Bud Entertainment to help raise awareness for the NEW MONKEY UP film.  All opinions are my own, I hope you enjoy!

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