12 Easy & Affordable Ways To Add Color To A Kitchen

by Jenn

You might already know we’re remodeling out home, and almost finished with our kitchen.  The final stages are the hardest, because I have looked for ways to add color to my kitchen without any success, until recently.  Kitchens can be challenging when it comes to colors because there are so many things to consider – appliance color, counter tops, backsplash, furniture, flooring, and cabinets.  The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and we want it to say certain things about us, feel a particular way for the family, and most importantly be comfortable.  I’m excited to share this sponsored post, and I hope you’ll find a few easy and affordable ways to add color to a kitchen.

I wanted to avoid neutral colors on the walls, because I wanted color in my kitchen, but after a lot of going back and forth on colors I realized neutrals are the way I want to go.  I realized I could bring color into my kitchen in other ways.  After looking at Sparkle® towels, the unique design, and a hint of color, I realized it is the little things that bring life, color, and personality to a kitchen.  From the smallest of details, like the paper towels – those things give kitchen that final touch of personality.

All that time, and something so simple helped me realize just how important those fine details are, and how important they are – especially in the kitchen.

12 Easy & Affordable Ways To Add Color To Your Kitchen12 Easy & Affordable Ways To Add Color To A Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our home, it’s where we spend most of our time as a family.  Whether it’s cooking, talking, homework or crafting we spend a lot of time together in our kitchen, and I have a particular idea of what I want it to feel like.  Colors do so much for a room, it’s been a challenge for me to choose the right colors, until I finally stopped trying so hard, and realized it’s the small things we use everyday that make a difference.  Think about all the items you use daily in your kitchen.  They’re out on the counter 90% of the time, and they say an awful lot about you, but they also add a lot of colors to a kitchen if you think about it.  It’s also an easy and affordable way to add color to a kitchen, or even change things up a bit!

Here are a few things I’m doing to add color to my kitchen that are easy, and affordable.

Furniture – I have visiting yard sales and have a small piece of furniture I’m adding to our kitchen.  I’m in the process of sanding and painting it.  Since my table and chairs are a natural wood color, I’m going to bring my old little bench to life with some color.  It will help me personalize, add color, and give the kitchen that pop of color I want.

Rugs – I have always had a small rug in my kitchen, which is another great way to add color to a kitchen that is affordable, and easily done.

Apron – I used to hang my apron on the back of the closet door, but hanging it in the kitchen, out-of-the-way..  Keeping it out where it can be seen helps bring life, color, character, and a little of me into the kitchen.

easy and affordable ways to add color to your kitchenFruit – I always leave fruit on the table, in my favorite bowl, because I love the color, and the way it looks.  Leaving fruit out is not only a convenient and healthy snacking option; it helps add color to the kitchen – especially when accompanied by the right bowl.

Small appliances – You know that KitchenAid mixer or blender you bought in your favorite color, it’s another great way to toss in a little color.

Dishtowels & potholders  – Another great way to bring color into your kitchen is with your dish towels.  It’s functional, yet adds color, personality, and can help bring things together.

Plants – I love plants, and until recently, I had them in every room in the house, but the kitchen.  Plants are amazing at not only bringing color, but also life into your kitchen.

White Kitchen Pot SetCanisters, Cookie Jars, & other countertop accessories – Most kitchen have some canisters.  They are a fabulous way to bring life to your kitchen, and that added color to make it pop.

Tablecloth – Adding a table-cloth can be an excellent way to change the look of not only your table, but add color to the kitchen. You can also use table liners cheap selection to jazz up the look of your kitchen table.

Wooden Spoons – After the noticing the blue in Sparkle® towels, my creative juices started flowing, and I’m waiting on my new wooden spoon set to get here.  I have an awesome wood container I’m going to place them in, and leave out on my countertop.  I’m also going to paint the ends of the wooden spoons, so when they’re in the canister, you can see the tips with the color on the countertop.  Another small detail will add color to the kitchen – a little color can do big things.

Festive arrangement – With the holiday’s right around the corner, you might want to add something fun and festive to your kitchen.  An excellent way to give your kitchen a holiday kick.

hint of color sparkle kitchenPaper towels – You can find ways to bring color to your kitchen with something used almost daily, like Sparkle® towels.  It not only adds to your kitchen but helps you notice the color in the paper towels more too.  My favorite thing about Sparkle® towels is the powerful hint of color it gives my kitchen, and it also makes a pretty awesome origami rose lol.

I thought it was neat that something so simple, with only a hint of color, could be responsible for so much.  It helped me remember that it’s not all about the big bold colors, but more the hint of color in the things we use every day – like Sparkle® towels.  My mom has always told me to stop and focus on the little things when I can’t keep up with the big things, and she’s always right – even in choosing colors for my kitchen lol.

sparkle paper towelsSparkle® towels the perfect option for adding a hint of color

Have you ever looked at paper towels and just wished they we’re not BLAH?  I have, but Sparkle® towels don’t do that.  They’re the perfect for solution for anyone looking to spice things up, and make an everyday product a little more fun.  The pattern is subtle; it’s just the right amount of color to bring that touch of style without going overboard.  Plus, we can’t forget about the reason we already purchase Sparkle® towels, it’s the performance and value I like and appreciate.  The added pattern, and color is an added perk that both my kitchen and I appreciate!

remodel kitchenI love the newly launched Sparkle® towels with a hint of color; they helped me remember just how valuable a hint of color is.  See it’s not about the BIG BOLD colors, not to bring things together, give it that added pop we’re looking for, or that subtle change.  It’s about the hints of color, the things of color in our everyday items – towels, accessories, appliances, rugs, etc.  Those are the things that bring personality to a room in my opinion!

sparkle towels hint of colorWhether you’re looking for performance and affordability or a hint of color for your kitchen.  Sparkle® towels are the perfect mix of performance and value; with a hint of color, we love Sparkle® towels – especially because you can save $1 when you visit SparkleTowels.com.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Georgia-Pacific.

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