Easy Breakfast Option for Toddlers To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

by Jenn

This post is sponsored by Happy Family but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Mornings with kids can be difficult.  Mornings with a toddler, they can without a doubt be difficult without a morning routine.  The morning routine is not only to help keep your toddler on track in the mornings but parents and older children too.  To be honest, I need a morning routine more than anyone if I plan on being on time.

Easy Breakfast Option for Toddlers To Speed Up Your Morning RoutineI can’t count the times I’ve tried to switch up my morning routine to speed things up and it not work according to my plan.  Rather than changing up my morning routine I find little ways to improve my current routine, like easy breakfast options I can feel good about feeding my toddler.

Messy BabyEasy Breakfast Option for Toddlers To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Since breakfast is essential for everyone it’s without a doubt one of the most time-consuming parts of the morning, especially with a toddler because it also takes planning.  I don’t want to make two breakfast for the kids so I try to plan out something everyone can eat but we recently discovered the NEW Happy Tot Super Morning Breakfast Bowls and they have proven to not only be a huge time saver but a tasty ready to eat breakfast bowl.   Right now you can even score a $1 OFF by downloading this coupon.

I’ve always been a fan of Happy Family products so trying the NEW Super Morning Bowls wasn’t only to make my mornings easier but also to introduce my toddler to new flavors and textures from a brand I trust to provide optimal nutrition.

Easy Breakfast Option for Toddlers To Speed Up Your Morning RoutineThis ready to eat oatmeal bowl is filled with all sorts of yummy goodness, without added sugar.  Yes, all that sweetness comes from real organic fruits.  Another awesome thing about the new Happy Tot Super Morning Bowls is that they can be served at room temperatures or slightly heated.  We like them heated for a few seconds in the microwave.

These ready to eat oatmeal bowls are the perfect solution for those busy mornings when you need to get out the door but they are also good for those mornings when you have extra time.

I love Happy Family because they are committed to organic nutrition for babies, toddlers, and their families. Their products are organic and made without toxic, persistent pesticides or artificial flavors colors and sweeten and they’re non-GMO.

Happy Tot Super Morning Bowl 1The NEW Happy Tot Super Morning Bowls is an awesome way to introduce your toddlers to a variety of flavors, textures, and foods to provide optimal nutrition while they grow.  It’s an awesome, tasty breakfast bowl to help your toddler start the day off right.  The ready-to-eat morning oatmeal bowl is filled with gluten-free oats, superfood chia for Omega-2s (ALA) and sprouted quinoa.  Oh, and to make things even better there is NONE, 0g of added sugar.  They use only real organic fruits for just the right natural sweetness.  Your toddler can enjoy it right out of the bowl or you can gently warm it for them.  It’s quick, easy and your toddler will love experiencing new flavors and textures.

Happy Family® has a goal to help babies and toddlers cultivate a happy and healthy relationship with food that can help our babies and toddlers with lifelong wellness.  Since it starts with developing tastes for goodness early in life they use their Enlightened Nutrition approach which means they are working hard to create innovative products with organic veggies, fruits and grains as well as using powerful ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients to help provide the right nutrition for every age and stage.

Easy Breakfast Option for Toddlers To Speed Up Your Morning RoutineSAVE ON YOUR NEXT HAPPY TOT SUPER MORNING BOWLS PURCHASE

You can find Happy Tot Super Morning Bowls at your local Walmart.  Plus, you can save $1 off Happy Tot Super Morning Bowls by downloading this coupon.

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