Easy Steps to Hire the Best Dog Walkers

by Jenn

If you’re a dog owner, you’d agree that dogs need lots of care. The list is endless, from regular clean-ups to grooming them to the vet for routine checks. However, one major thing dogs need is regular walks. These walks are great exercises for dogs and a mentally stimulating experience for them.

In an ideal setting, you’d be perfectly capable of walking your dog daily and sometimes multiple times a day. However, the world isn’t perfect, and you would probably have your job, health and many other commitments, making walking your dog as often as you like a big challenge. That’s where hiring dog walkers becomes necessary.

Dog walkers typically provide services like daily walks and check-ins, long-distance walks and running, etcetera. They’ll help you cover your dog’s regular exercise and give them an enriching experience. 

However, like choosing a babysitter, selecting a dog walker is a serious business. As your dog is part of your family, you wouldn’t want to entrust your dog care to just anybody. You’ll want the best dog walkers to be in charge of your dog. Here are some steps to help you hire the best dog walkers in Brisbane.

  1. Start by Evaluating Your Dog Needs
<strong>Easy Steps to Hire the Best Dog Walkers</strong>

Everybody has different needs and so do dogs too. So, before you start searching for a ‘dog sitter near me’ online, evaluating your dog’s needs is a good idea. Some factors to examine include your dog’s temperament, how polite or aggressive they’re on a leash, the exercising needs and capabilities of your dog, etcetera.

For instance, some dogs may need an excellent long run while others, primarily seniors, may enjoy a leisure stroll around a block or two. In the same way, puppies will require more check-ins compared to adult dogs. Understanding your dog’s needs before hiring a pet sitter in Brisbane will let you know the specific things you want them to handle and the specific time you require their services.

  1. Kick-Start Your Search

After evaluating your dog’s needs, you can continue searching for the best dog walkers. You can start by asking the people close to you; family, friends, and neighbors. They’re good resources as they most likely would’ve used such services previously. Asides from giving recommendations, they also won’t hesitate to share the negative experiences they’ve had in the past.

Even a simple ‘dog walking service near me’ online search will reveal how many dog walkers you can contact. However, it’s best to prioritize professional services when picking a dog walker from the internet because they’re usually trained for the job to ensure high-quality service. Due to their training, they know the safety and health measures to take if anything happens. Furthermore, most professional services offer flexible schedules that meet your needs.

Watch how your dog and the walker interact on their first meeting

  1. Set up Meetings With Potential Walkers

Upon creating a list of potential dog walkers from your ‘dog sitting near me’ search and recommendations from close people, it’s best to set up meetings with them before making your final decision. During the sessions, you’ll be able to gauge the compatibility and suitability of the task. You can also get past clients’ references and information about their experience and background.

You can take your dog along to the meeting. That way, you can also see how the two of them interact. One of the best ways to know that you’ve got one of the best dog walkers is to observe how they interact in their first meeting. While at it, you may even allow them to go for a test walk together so you can know if they’re well-matched.


Suppose you’ve followed the steps listed above. Congratulations, you’ve got yourself one of the best dog walkers in Brisbane. Be sure to hold them tight because great dog walkers are hard to come by. However, if you didn’t get the type of dog walker you need after applying the steps above, you can always retry the steps again until you get what you desire.

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