Easy Ways to Import MBOX to Outlook

by Jenn

Transferring files from one mailing client to another is not an easy task. At least you should know the differences between various file formats supported by the mailing clients to finish this task. Indeed, format differences can prevent easy migration from, for example, Gmail to Outlook and vice versa. This is the reason why you may need to study this issue in detail and perform step-by-step migration with the help of special software. In this article, we will give you some general recommendations on importing files from MBOX to Outlook.

What Is the Difference Between MBOX and PST?

The diversity of file formats united under the MBOX abbreviation causes difficulties during the email migration. Therefore, users of the above-mentioned mailing apps face the problem when they find out that they have to migrate to MS Outlook. This is when the tool offered under the link https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/mbox-to-outlook-transfer/ may come in handy.

MBOX is a generalized abbreviation that unites the whole family of formats used for storing email files and attachments. Besides, this format has never been standardized, so various mailing clients used it at their own discretion. It is worth noting that MBOX is widely used by numerous email exchange apps, including the following ones:

  • Google Mail (old version of Gmail);
  • Pegasus Mail;
  • Mozilla Mail;
  • Opera;
  • Ubuntu Evolution;
  • Mulberry;
  • Netscape Messenger, etc.

PST is known to be one of the formats used by Microsoft Outlook. It stores users’ personal data including contacts, messengers, attachments, addresses, etc. As you may have already understood, this file format is not compatible with many alternative mailing clients. That is why, if you wish to migrate from or to MS Outlook, you need a special tool to transfer your data securely.

Easy Ways to Import MBOX to Outlook

Why Using Manual Migration Is Not Safe

There are two available ways to transfer your files to Microsoft Outlook from a third-party client: manual and automatic. Sometimes, people want to save money on migration and find their files damaged or unavailable in the end. If you are not a specialist in this field, you should either rely on your skillful mate or use the automatic migration tool for a small fee.

In this regard, the advantages of the migration software are the following:

  • The economy of time: the whole procedure will take no more than an hour depending on the volume of files transferred.
  • Security: as mentioned above, relying on manual methods is unsafe, so if you want to ensure the integrity of files – please use reliable methods.
  • Ease of use: you don’t have to be a professional to install the data transfer tool, while the interface is simple even for beginner users.

As for the automatic migration tool mentioned above in the article, look at the feedback left by the one-time user: “Helped my grandma switch from old-school Pegasus to Outlook. This was easy! Thanks for developing this mbox converter tool, it works like a charm.”

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