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Importance of Having an Emergency Electrician! How Prepared Are You For An Electrical Emergency?

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Importance of Having an Emergency Electrician! How Prepared Are You For An Electrical Emergency?

how prepared are you for an electrical emergency

In light of the recent hurricane in NC, it is important for everyone to reflect on what it means to be prepared.

Hurricane Florence made landfall just south of Wilmington, North Carolina last Friday morning. In the following days, the storm dumped over 30 inches of rain, caused a 10-foot storm surge, and has left much of Eastern North Carolina under water for the past week. Hundreds of thousands of people were left without power for days.

how prepared are you for an electrical emergencyNatural disasters are random and unpredictable. The electricians at Power Tech Electrical Services stress the importance of having an emergency electrician to call at all times. Whether you are in the path of a hurricane or not, these occurrences can affect your homes electrical systems:

1.) Flood Damage

Electricity and water do not mix! When flooding occurs, the electrical systems of a house can experience significant damage. This includes lighting, panels, and wiring. Without these systems, it doesn’t matter when your power is turned back on, nothing that runs on electricity will work. To ensure that you are fully prepared when at risk of a flood, find a local emergency electrician you can call on if the need arises. The good ones such as Power Tech Electrical Services, a 24/7 electrician in Durham, NC, often have years of experience taking care of flood victims and restoring their homes to full strength.

2.) Lightning Strikes

When storms come through, they bring large amounts of electricity with them. Lightning strikes have the ability to damage your home in a couple of ways; through direct strikes which cause fires, or through indirect strikes which can enter your home through wiring or pipes. The extreme amount of electrical energy from these strikes can do serious damage to the electrical systems in your home. Therefore, it’s best to be proactive in identifying an emergency electrician that can make the necessary repairs in a timely manner.

3.) Tree Falls

Hurricanes like Florence will knock down anything in their path, but it certainly doesn’t take a major storm to knock down that old tree in your backyard. When trees or tree limbs fall on homes, they typically cause a large amount of damage to the structure as well as the electrical systems. If something like this were to occur, it would be important that you reach out to an emergency electrician to get your home back to full strength.

Electrical emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere. As a homeowner, it is important you stay prepared by having an emergency electrician to call on at any given time. You never know when you and your family will experience an unexpected disaster of your own!


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