Energy-Saving DIY Projects: Solar Mason Jar Lights

by Jenn

If you’re looking for some fun energy-saving DIY projects, I have two that I have been excited to share with you.  I think you are going to love the DIY Mason Jar Lights, it’s a solar Christmas decoration!  What’s not to love, right.  Also, DIY weather-stripping can help you save money not just during the holidays, but all year around.  You can also use your mason jar lights all year if you like!  I typically change the colors out, but the solar lights typically last a while.

I am all about anything that saves money, saves time, or helps improve the quality of life for my family.  Since we added on to our home, I have looked for ways to save energy, especially during the holidays season.  I hope you like both the DIY Mason Jar Lights Solar Christmas decoration and weather-stripping projects I’m going to share with you today.

Energy-Saving DIY Projects: Solar Mason Jar Lights

DIY Solar Mason Jar Lights Christmas Decorations

If you’re looking for awesome DIY projects that can help you save time, save money, and even improve the quality of your family’s life you might want to consider focusing on small things that have a huge impact.  Sure you might not think these DIY Solar Mason Jar Lights are a huge deal, but think if everyone was doing it!  Just outside, rather than plugging in.  Also, think if everyone was to weather strip their doors and windows.  Without a doubt, it would a have a huge impact.

There are tons of small and affordable ways we can help ourselves and our families save time and money while helping the world we live on.  Plus, come on, these DIY Mason Jar Lights are pretty darn awesome. Let me show you!

DIY Solar Mason Jar Light Decoration

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights Christmas Decorations!

If you want to make some awesome, affordable Christmas lights, you can make these quick and easy.

What you’ll need:

  • Mason Jars
  • Outside solar lights (I used the solar lights used to line walkways)
  • Spray paint
  • Glue gun
  • Stickers (I’m going to make more and put stickers before I paint so I can have some fun shapes.  Sounds fun, so I thought I would share.)

Making the DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights Christmas Decorations is super easy!  They’re also an awesome DIY Christmas decoration, and looks fantastic lining walkways, on tables, and anywhere else you’ll need a little light.

Spray the inside of all your Mason Jars.  You don’t want to use to thick of a coat because you want them to glow.  If you spray too much paint it will run down the sides, look yucky, and it can be hard to see the light when it is all said and done.

diy mason jar project

We used glitter spray paint on some of them, and then applies a thin layer of color on top.

diy mason jar project

If you decide to do something like this always, allow each layer to dry.

mason jar christmas lights

Don’t be in a hurry like my husband because the paint will run, and you’ll just have to do things over again, lol.  Sorry babe!


Once you have everything painted, allow them to sit and dry fully.

solar mason jar lights

Next, you’ll need a solar light and a mason jar without the lid.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find the lights that fit perfect in the jars so you can use the outside lids to keep the light snug and not gluing them down.

I wasn’t able to find the right size solar lights to use the lids, which is fine they still look fabulous.

Take apart your outdoor solar light.  The bottom should pull out nice and easy, and depend on which light you get the plastic part should come off.  However, I really liked leaving it on in some of the mason jars because it gave it a different touch.

Next, you’ll glue the light down by using your hot glue gun and leaving a small bead around the mouth of the mason jar.  Grab your solar light, and push in place.

DIY Solar Christmas Decorations!

You’re ready to go!  I took my mason jar lights into my daughter’s room and turned off all the lights, and WOW the white ones actually give off some great soft light and look beautiful.


Be sure to take your new DIY Solar Christmas Decorations outside while the sun is still out so the can charge up and be ready for a fun night of glowing!


Here are a few of the lights that I left the plastic cover on the solar light when I glued it down.  It’s just something a little different and fun.

DIY Solar Christmas Decorations!

Fun, Energy-saving DIY Projects – DIY Weather Stripping

Another fun, energy-saving DIY project we’re doing is whether stripping, along with replacing our lighting, and several others.  Since winter is on it’s way I wanted to share this fun, energy-saving DIY weathering project.

  • First, you’ll need to decide whether you need weather-stripping are not.  It’s typically pretty easy to look.  If you can’t tell just by looking you can go outside, and hold a flashlight up to the crack of the door, have someone stand inside, and have them see if they’re able to see the light.  If they can see the lighting anywhere around the door, it’s probably a good idea to put in some new weather-stripping.
  • Another technique is sliding a piece of paper between the door and the door jamb.  If you can fit the paper through without any issues, you’ll likely need to start thinking about adding weather-stripping.
  • Inspect your entire home to decide which windows and doors will need new weather-stripping.
  • There are several types of weather-stripping, but I tend to like the adhesive foam weather-stripping.  It’s super easy to use.  To install simply cut the weather-stripping to the needed length, with the sticky side down press and peel back the plastic liner.  BAM, everything should be good as new, and you’ll be happy you added the weather-stripping to your home.  You should not only see it in your electric or gas bill but also your home will stay a more consistent temperature!


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