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Enhance your Living Space with CSI Wall Panels

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Enhance your Living Space with CSI Wall Panels


As a DIYer, I simply love to be able to revamp my living space in a short time with terrific results.  You simply must try CSI Wall Panels for yourself and create a completely fresh new look.

Enhance your Living Space with CSI Wall Panels

When I think of spring time, I think of new and fresh.  Time for a change.  Rearranging your furniture helps, but after all that spring cleaning, I want something that is different.  There are many options to beautify blank walls, but nothing comes close to the charm and visual appeal of 3D wall panels.  3D art brings life to any space.  And, when it comes to 3D wall panels, they turn a wall into an elegant and vibrant showpiece, making a statement.  I also like to save money, so any projects that I can do on my own, the better.  Such is the case of applying some wall art from CSI Wall Panels.

Thank you CSI Wall Panels for providing me with a box of the 3D wall panels in a Wave design for the purpose of this review. 

CSI Wall Panels is a new product range in 3D wall panels.  For those who are not familiar with this company, their website indicates: “CSI Wall Panels is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of decorative wall panels exclusively for commercial applications including Hotels, Restaurants, Corporate, Retail and more.  Spanning 7 collections featuring over 160 designs, 6 core materials, and over 500 finishes our selection of wall panels is industry leading.”  With such a wide variety from which to choose, the company’s staff Architects will help you to design and present wall panel solutions that respect the integrity of the architectural design all while offering an impactful and rich outcome to the space.”   

The 3D wall panels that I received measure 500 mm x 500 mm.  Each box contains 12 panels.  The panels are eco-friendly, and made of a natural plant fiber.  Originally, I planned to use these 3D wall panels in my bath as I have an ocean theme in that room; however, after thinking outside the box, I decided to place these panels in my open dining room to create a “picture” on my wall.  I selected the “Wave” pattern and chose to place them horizontally to create the illusion of a longer wall space.

My first step was to measure my space and determine the center of the wall.  After placing the panels in various positions, I elected to place 4 panels to each row with a total of 3 rows upwards.  Since my walls are already 10 feet high, I felt that the panels would make the room seem larger.  By placing small markings on my wall, I was able to position the panels perfectly. 

Installing the panels themselves was easy.  By following the instructions included in the box of panels, I applied an adhesive to the back of each panel around the perimeter, and a few places in the middle of each panel.  But, prior to installing each panel, I used the level to ensure the panel was correctly placed and square.  Of course, spacers included with the panels were a great help with ensuring the proper spacing of the panels.

Following placement of the wall panels, I applied the caulking to fill the joint seams with a paintable caulking, smoothing out the joints using my finger.  I then cleaned the surface with a damp rage to remove any excess caulking.

After allowing the caulking to dry, I prepared the area to paint by applying painters tape to the edges of my project.  I then began painting the panels with a roller, but found it difficult to cover the joints evenly, so I switched to using a brush to finish the project.  I left the paint to dry overnight and then removed the tape.

Before CSI Wall Panels

After CSI Wall Panels

After considering placement of a wood frame around my picture, I decided to forgo that option.  While I painted the panels a white color using a primer and paint combination, these MDF wood fiber panels can be painted any color you elect, depend on your décor.  A box of these panels cover an area of 3m2. 

I enjoyed this project and am very pleased with the results these panels provided.  Best of all, without any technical skills in the construction area, I was able to complete this project within just a few hours.  You will find this project easy and enjoyable as well.  Make your walls come alive with CSI’s 3D Wall Panels. 

Select and purchase your favorite design directly from the CSI Wall Panels website.  Shop by material, room, type or collection.  Don’t forget to follow along their social media sites, as well:  Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. 

Whether you decide to enhance your living space in your dining room, bath, den or bedroom at home, suggest to your employer that the CSI Wall Panels make a pleasant change in your office area, as well.


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  1. Linda Manns Linneman August 4, 2017

    This is so neat. I have never heard of this company before. I will have to check it out soon. Thank you for sharing


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