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by Jenn

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I have missed having a baby around, and I can’t tell you how awesome it’s been having little Gavin in our life.  Thanks to my brother and beautiful sister-in-law, we are all blessed with this sweet baby boy.  Oh, don’t be fooled by that oh-so-cute face and the cheesy grin; he’s a turkey butt, but a darn cute one, lol.  He is at that perfect age, too.  You know, the one who thinks everything you do and say is hilarious or amazing.  Yup, it’s my favorite, and now I can’t wait to have another one.

Tips to New and Expecting Moms to Stay Healthy

My sister-in-law started out breastfeeding, as many of us do, but exclusively breastfeeding wasn’t working.  Gavin is just growing too fast, and well, he’s a little piggy. To keep up with his needs, the doctor had my sister-in-law do the same thing I had to do with Mattie.  Gavin, like Mattie, now gets the best of both worlds: breast milk and formula.  Mattie loved the formula, especially once she got big enough to play with her bottle.  I could tell from the time Mattie was itty bitty that she was going to be very independent.  I still remember crossing my fingers and toes, hoping that I was wrong.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t. I guess it will be a good thing when she is older, but it sure makes things difficult when they don’t know how to tie their shoes but are too independent to let you do it.

I remember when the doctor told me I wasn’t producing enough milk to feed Mattie the way she needed to be fed. I felt like such a loser.  Gosh, I couldn’t even feed my daughter.  I was depressed and didn’t want to give her formula.  I wanted her to have all the great benefits breastfeeding has.  After a few days of feeling sorry for myself, I started to do research on formula; the doctor’s office had given me Enfamil® for Mattie.  They told me that it’s the brand that they use with their kids and recommend. After researching and talking to other moms, I became more comfortable with everything and came to find out Mattie is fine. I’m not a loser, and things like this happen more often than I realize.


Motherhood is full of surprises and ups and downs. I don’t care if you have ten kids; there are always surprises along the way.  Something happens to you that you have never experienced.  My sister-in-law, for example, isn’t a first-time mom; she knows what she is doing, but she has not had to deal with these things before.  It’s new territory, and I can relate to the way she feels and the thoughts that have gone through her head.

Much like my sister-in-law, I wanted Mattie to get all that breastfeeding offers.  I created more worry than was necessary, and it’s like I told my sister-in-law, at least Enfamil® has picked things up and now has Enspire™ by Enfamil® which is Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk.  They didn’t have this when Mattie was little, which stinks, but I’m thankful it is an option my sister-in-law has for Gavin and that it will be an option for our next one.


Enfamil® has been working hard to bring us something special for our little ones.  I’m excited to share with you EnspireTM by Enfamil®, since it is Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk!

Mead Johnson Nutrition has been conducting extensive research on breast milk, and they are better able to understand it now than before.  Not only do they understand the nutrients in breast milk, but they also understand the benefits that they are providing to infants.

  • Enfamil’s closest formula yet to breast milk It’s true: EnspireTM by Enfamil is Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk.  You see, EnspireTM by Enfamil® contains two components that are also found in breast milk.  1.) MFGM, which fosters brain development; and 2.) Lactoferrin, which supports your little champ’s immune system.
  • DHA and choline, also found in breast milk, are known as brain-nourishing nutrients.
  • PDX and GOS: EnspireTM by Enfamil® has PDX and GOS, which are prebiotics to support a baby’s immune system development.
  • FDA-reviewed: Yes, it is. Mead Johnson uses the same standards of quality as it does on their other infant products.  EnspireTM by Enfamil® has been extensively reviewed by the FDA.
  • Get support, advice, coupons and more. Becoming a mom for the first or 10th time can flood your body with 1000 different emotions at the drop of a dime.  There are times when we need support, new ideas, and coupons to save money.  Oh, come on, coupons are the bomb!  When you join the Enspire Family Beginnings™ by Enfamil® program you’ll get all sorts of goodies, like:
scooping formula

Information and ideas to help make spending time with baby as special and rewarding as possible.

  • Timely advice via email and snail mail.
  • Exclusive savings and gifts.
  • Coupons
  • Special offers
  • Visit EnspireFormula.com or call 1-888-777-3395 to talk to a dedicated Enspire expert.

Gavin has been breastfeeding and formula feeding for the past almost two weeks, and he’s been doing great.  He seems to really like EnspireTM by Enfamil®.  My sister-in-law says he is sleeping better and staying awake longer during the day. Knowing the difference that formula feeding has made for Gavin has helped my sister-in-law see that it isn’t her fault; Gavin is just a little piggy.

While I wish they would have had EnspireTM by Enfamil® when Mattie was little, I’m glad that I’ll have EnspireTM by Enfamil® as an option for the next baby.  I can’t wait to have another baby running around the house, even if it does mean late nights, no sleep, and being a little depressed because my body doesn’t want to produce enough milk.  I’ll just do what I did last time, but only feel more confident because Enspire™ by Enfamil® is closer to breast milk than ever before.

Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk

Whether you are a mom who has decided to use formula, a mom heading back to work soon, or in a similar situation as my sister-in-law, you can feel good knowing that Enfamil is working hard to narrow the gap between breast milk and formula.  Even though EnspireTM by Enfamil®, Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk, costs a little bit more because of its premium components, I think it’s safe to say that most moms would agree that it’s totally worth it.

You can currently grab EnspireTM by Enfamil® from your local grocery store, Target, or online from Amazon.com.


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