Essential Kits for Starting a New Motorcycling Hobby

by Jenn

Different people have their reasons for starting motorcycling as a new hobby. For some, it is the allure of the open roads and sense of adventure, while for others, it is about getting around quickly and navigating traffic more efficiently. Whatever may be your reason for investing in a beautiful new bike, it is critical to have the proper motorcycle clothing and gear. The right apparel will keep you comfortable and protected on the roads and help minimize the ergonomic stress and fatigue you’ll likely feel as you’re getting used to the road. Here are some of the essentials to look for.

Riding Gloves

Biking gloves are specifically designed to keep your hands protected from chafing. You can choose from the fingerless or half-finger collection suitable for warm weather and the ones with full coverage to stay warm in cold weather. Your gloves will have breathable fabrics to wick away sweat moisture and form-fitting cuts to ensure they stay in place. Also, look for adequate padding and adhesive materials that provide a firm grip. 

When trying on women’s motorcycle gloves, check that the closure is secure. Look for Velcro or adjustable straps with a hook and loop fastener. Since the palm of the glove will be in direct contact with the handlebars, you might want to look for a layer of gel or foam padding that will protect the ulnar nerve from excessive pressure. 

Riding Boots

Riding boots are yet another essential that you’ll choose carefully. Your boots not only provide your feet protection from rain and wind-blown debris, but they also support your muscles when working the controls. You’ll choose the right length according to the weather and other requirements. For instance, ankle boots are versatile and work well for warm weather, commuting, or wearing casually. 

Make sure to select footwear without laces that can snag in the controls. Try them on for a proper arch and comfortable fit that is not too snug. But if you intend to undertake a long riding tour with your motorcycle group, go for calf or knee-length boots made with sturdy leather resistant to rain and wind. 

Customizing Your Bike

You may have to add a few features to the bike, so the riding position matches your body structure and minimizes fatigue. Installing riser blocks to raise hand grips, mirror wideners, and adjustable footpeg mounts improve the ergonomics of the vehicle. You can also get flexible rear sets that work to move the shift and brake pedals to positions within easy reach. 

Simple customizations like these will help you avoid issues like joint and tendon stress, wrist cramping, soreness in the back, strained knees, and knotted shoulders. While you’re still learning how to ride and develop endurance, it may be nice to carry something small like a CBD roll-on pain reliever to ease some of the initial strain you might feel. 

Starting a new motorcycling hobby is like a dream come true for die-hard bikers. Enjoy every moment of the new-found sense of freedom when riding over open roads with the right gear that will keep you safe and comfortable. 

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