Everyday Style: How to Dress Nice & Look Stylish

by Jenn

If you always want to be dressed in style, regardless of current fashion trends, then you are in the right place. Every wardrobe should include some clothing and jewelry pieces that are simply classics when it comes to dressing rules. You also need elements like contemporary rings to complete the look that is a bit chic and will bring extra cheerfulness to your outfit. So take a look at these fashion combinations recommended for a stylish everyday look.

Everyday Style: How to Dress Nice & Look Stylish

Always wear jewelry

Jewelry is what connects and elevates every look. It can make the same outfit look entirely different, and that is why it is irreplaceable in every fashion style. Choose those pieces that fit with your taste and can make you feel more beautiful. Stunning and unique jewelry can make even the most ordinary outfit look trendy, so make sure you incorporate jewelry into your everyday look.

Blouse, Skirt and High Heels

Pants and jeans have become part of our everyday fashion style. But that doesn’t mean that we should forget about the magical power of the skirt, which will give your look a touch of femininity. You can choose models like A-cut, deep waist, or a classic pencil skirt. Try to combine the skirt with a nice blouse and high heels. This will give you a fashion combination that fits various occasions and situations.

White Shirt and Pants

This is another classic outfit that will always make you feel comfortable. It is suitable for going to the office, for lunch and drinks with friends, theater, etc., of course with certain variations. Depending on the occasion, choose trousers with straight-leg pants, bell-bottoms that are both chic and elegant, or simple dark jeans. Find out which bottoms suits you best at the Vibe Clothing Company. Decide whether to combine it with a casual shirt, sleeker blouse, flat shoes, or higher heels.

Monochromatic Combinations

If you don’t know how to combine certain colors, and don’t want to experiment too much with them, you can always stick to one-color clothing combinations. They will always look elegant, sophisticated, and flatter your figure as they have the effect of visual elongation. You can combine more similar shades of a particular color. In that way, you can elevate those parts of your body you like the most.

Print on Print

Don’t be afraid to combine clothes with different prints. The key is balance. You can combine clothes with different prints or with the same print but in different colors and sizes. Just make sure that prints on the upper and lower part of your outfit are not the same size. Break the pattern with some stunning jewelry and you will for sure look modern and beautiful.

Black and White

This is a combination you can’t go wrong with. In black and white, you will look sophisticated, simple, elegant, and fashionable. To break up the black and white contrast, add some color in the form of jewelry, shoes or a handbag. Minimal makeup and red lipstick go best with this combination.

Everyday Style: How to Dress Nice & Look Stylish

White pants

White wide-leg pants are a very comfortable piece of wardrobe, suited for all business occasions. You can always opt for classic white pants. You will also get the same stylish and attractive look if you choose models that are not pure white. Ideal for combining with all colors, this season you can pair them with other clothes and accessories that are in some warm, earthy shades.


This is such a comfortable piece of wardrobe that it would really be a shame not to include it in your wardrobe. Jumpsuits come in many cuts and colors, and some elegant models are ideal for more formal occasions. If you’re choosing to wear a black or darker color jumpsuit, refresh it by adding a blazer in the lighter and warmer shade.

Everyday Style: How to Dress Nice & Look Stylish

Leather Jackets

These jackets are very popular every year and every season. They are a piece that never goes out of trend. Great for all informal occasions, you can include them in your business style, especially when choosing classic, sleek straight-line models. Black leather jackets are always a hit, but browns are more attractive and you can combine them as well as black ones.

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