First-time parent? Find here the ultimate baby essentials for the first months

by Jenn

Bringing your baby home is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world, but taking good care of them in the first months is often compared with a nightmare.

You may have heard that a newborn needs everything under the sun, but babies are not that complicated, trust us. Sometimes, the best solution is to stick to the basics and complete things in time, depending on your little one’s needs. Thus, shopping for baby essentials should be a fun activity, not a burden. We know that as first-parent, you’re trying to get everything ordered and sorted for the big arrival, but in essence, a little human needs some essentials you can find a click away and, of course, your wholeheartedly love.

We have broken down the baby must-haves into 6 parts so that you can search for them in peace:


Although trivial, diapers can give parents a real headache, as they have to choose between disposable and cloth diapers (cotton nappies). This decision is, of course, based on your baby’s needs and family’s lifestyle. Diapers also come in different sizes, so make sure you purchase small packs of a few sizes and have a serious stock at hand because, yes, diapers are never too many. A newborn baby may need 8 to 10 diapers a day, which means approximately 70 diapers a week, so the need is real! Along with diapers, you also need wet wipes and rash cream to clean your baby every time after changing their diaper and protect their sensitive skin in case of irritation. Changing mats are also of great help, as they keep bed linen safe from dirt during diaper change.

Mattress and crib

Cribs are the most sought-after things when it comes to a baby nursery, and for a good reason. Babies need a comfortable place to sleep in; trust us – this will be their favorite activity for the following months. And since a crib is the first item that goes on your newborn bedding checklist, it’s vital to pick it carefully. It would be wise to look at this purchase as a long-term investment, so if you have the finances, don’t hesitate to buy a high-quality crib and a good quality crib sheet. There are various cribs nowadays – some can turn into a toddler bed, so your little one can enjoy it for a long time. As for mattresses, try not to invest in the fluffiest bed you can find (although it might be tempting); orient yourself toward a firm mattress instead to keep your baby in a good position and avoid risks such as suffocation.

Nursery Pillows

When it comes to finding high-quality nursery pillows, consider exploring Caden Lane as it provides a beautiful collection of nursery pillows that can help provide added comfort and support to your little one.

Pushchair and car seat

Now, it’s time to think about how you could transport your newborn around. Pushchairs are those basics no parent should overlook, as they’re part of the travel checklist. Even when leaving the hospital, you need a comfortable means of transportation for your baby, so a pushchair is essential from the very first day.

Some pushchair sets also include a car seat, but in other cases, you have to purchase one separately. And no, a car seat is not optional but imperative. If you have a family who loves to travel, this is even more important, as it’s vital to ensure your baby is in a comfortable position during a road trip and avoid being involved in legal matters because, yes, car seats are required by law when traveling with a baby in the car. Anyway, make sure you choose a baby car seat suitable for your family’s lifestyle and little one’s needs. With so many styles and types to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right one for your circumstances, but you have a bunch of time to do your research in this regard.

Clothing and layette

Clothing occupies a leading position in the baby essentials checklist, as you may have already guessed. However, you shouldn’t exaggerate, as babies have an alert growing rhythm and outgrow them very rapidly. So, although it might be tempting to buy all those adorable tiny clothes, it would be wiser to stick to essentials like sleepsuits, caps, tops, socks, and swaddle cloth. And always look for comfortable clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool. A baby’s skin is one hundred percent more prone to irritation than that of an adult; that’s why most newborn clothes are found in soft fabrics, but we still advise you to verify labels before buying any clothes. Also, avoid ribbons, buttons, embellishments, glitter, or sequins, as they can be a danger for the little ones – apart from irritating their skin, these can represent a choking hazard. 

Feeding supplies

For breastfeeding mothers, the range of this category is quite wide – from breast pumps and bottles to nursing pillows and sterilizers. You may also find a nursing bra helpful, as it is designed to ensure comfort during the feeding process (for both you and your baby). If you bottle-feed your newborn, pay special attention to the teats, as it’s vital to disinfect them from germs or other bacteria. The standard way to do so is by washing and rinsing them in boiling water, but you can also opt for an electric sterilizer.

Baby monitor

In their first months, babies require particular attention and close monitoring. It’s because they tend to be agitated in their sleep, wake up scared, or have needs like hunger or diaper change. That’s why we recommend keeping a close eye on your sleeping baby. Fortunately, you don’t have to stay in their room 24/7 since you can use a baby monitor. These devices are life saviors, especially in case of urgency. However, they come in various forms and with multiple features, which will determine their prices. So, choose one that best suits your family’s needs and, of course, finances.

As you can see, babies are not that picky – parents tend to be so sometimes. Thus, stick to the basics because basics are the most required items in a baby’s first months. In time, you can complete the list with other things according to your child’s needs and – why not – preferences.

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