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Floor Bloom Pillow Review


I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by *Floor Bloom*

After realizing the need for floor pillows that were both practical and comfortable, Kathleen Hale decided to create her own. She teamed up with her husband Jeff and the duo determined which size, fluffiness, and fabrics would work best. They then consulted their two children to come up with ideas for the shapes and created their first Floor Bloom collection.

Floor Bloom Pillows

Durability and comfort combine with fun designs to create a pillow made using directly on the floor. Floor Blooms are delightfully colorful and come in fun shapes that kids love. Drawing inspiration from the nature of beauty, the Magic Garden collection includes flowers and leaves. The Skyward collection includes rainbows, clouds, and the sun. You can purchase the pillows individually, or you can pick up a set to create a magical place for your child to relax. The pillows are double-stitched to ensure they hold up to regular use and they are machine washable making them easy to care for. They range in size from around 2′ to 3′ to give little ones plenty of room to get comfortable. I received the Power Pink Pillow Flower and the Rockin’ Rainbow Floor Pillow to review.

This Power Pink Pillow Flower boasts a large size at 2′ 7″ wide. It has large pink petals surrounding a circle of purple and yellow. It is soft, yet offers the right amount of support for kicking back and relaxing on the floor. You can find it on the Floor Bloom website for $37.

Floor Bloom Pillows

With the impressive size of 2′ 6″ wide and 2′ tall, the Rockin’ Rainbow floor pillow is a Floor Bloom website exclusive. It features a beautiful rainbow of colors peeking out over a fluffy blue cloud. With a plush feel, it is just right reading, coloring, or imaginative play.  It is available for $49.

Floor Bloom Pillow

I have to admit, I had never heard of Floor Bloom. Once I learned of them and visited the website, however, I was intrigued right away. What a brilliant idea! What kid wouldn’t love a pillow designed for the floor? Along with providing kids (or adults) with additional seating, they are an easy way to brighten up a room. The bright colors and fun shapes make them suitable for a nursery, kid’s room, or even the living room.

These pillows offer the perfect balance of softness, comfort, and size. They are sturdy, so I do not worry they will wear down as my kid’s flop, roll, and tumble around on them. The kids love them, even my 8 and 11-year-old boys. They use them when we have family movie night or when they are lounging around in the living room watching TV. The baby also enjoys them, though they are more like a bed for her since they are bigger than she is. In just a short time, these pillows have gotten plenty of use and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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