Former Speaker Dennis Bonnen Discusses The Importance of Family Values

by Jenn

The world has been changing rapidly, and family values have been eroding for some time. Experts like Dennis Bonnen are fighting to change that.

Why Is It Important To Take Time To Discuss Family Values?

It is essential to discuss family values because they are the foundation of a strong and healthy family. Family values provide a sense of security and stability for children and help to instill a sense of self-worth. They also help families communicate and resolve conflict.

What Are Some Specific Things You Can Do To Strengthen Family Values In Your Home?

You can do many things to strengthen family values in your home. Some specific things include: spending time together as a family, communicating openly and honestly with each other, showing respect for each other, and working together to solve problems. Also, teaching children about the importance of family values can help instill them in your home.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having Strong Family Values?

Some of the benefits of having strong family values include improved communication and conflict resolution within the family, a stronger sense of security and stability for children, and a greater sense of self-worth for each family member. Additionally,  strong family values can help to create a more harmonious and loving home environment.

Dennis Bonnen believes that families are the foundation of society and that strong families lead to strong communities. 

10 Essential Values In Families Are

A Sense Of Humor

Laughter is one of the best ways to connect with others and show love. If you can laugh together as a family, you can face anything together.


Respecting one another is essential in any family relationship. It includes listening to and considering others’ perspectives, even when you disagree with them.


Being generous with your time, energy, and resources can help create a strong sense of family unity. It also teaches children the importance of giving and sharing.


Families are constantly changing and evolving, so it’s essential to be flexible. This means being open to new ideas and adjusting your plans as needed.


Committing to your family shows you are invested in its success and well-being. It also sets an excellent example for children who will learn to value commitment in their own lives.


Trust is the foundation of any strong family relationship. It takes time to build trust, but lies, secrets, and betrayal can quickly destroy it.

Open Communication

Families need to be able to communicate openly with one another about both the good and the bad. This includes being willing to listen and share your thoughts and feelings.


All families go through challenges, so it’s essential to be patient with one another. This doesn’t mean you have to agree all the time, but it does mean giving each other the benefit of the doubt.


Every family member is unique and has something special to offer. Accepting each other’s differences can help create a stronger bond between everyone involved.


Families who express gratitude for one another are more likely to be happy and prosperous. Showing appreciation can be as simple as saying “thank you” or writing a heartfelt letter.

Final Thoughts

Dennis Bonnen discussed the importance of family values in society. He believes that strong families are the foundation of strong communities. Furthermore, he believes communication is key to maintaining solid relationships with family members. Lastly, he discussed the role of the government in supporting families. He thinks the government should provide resources and assistance to needy families. Still, it is ultimately up to families to instill values such as hard work and responsibility in their children.

We must fight for our families and work hard to instill love, communication, respect, trust, cooperation, responsibility, hope, and faith in them. Only then can we create strong families and strong communities.

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