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Fresh Sheets are Just a Peel Away with Peelaway Labs


I thought I had heard it all, but this product took me for a loop. The idea is brilliant, especially for the elderly, persons with limited mobility, as well as those with health problems. Basically, this product is a disposable bottom fitted bedsheet, so you don’t need to worry about spending time washing them and attempting to fold the sheet neatly to put in your linen closet. You will definitely want to give the Peelaway Bed Sheets a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Fresh Sheets are Just a Peel Away with Peelaway Labs

I think most people sleep better with fresh linens on their bed. I know I do. But taking the time to wash, dry and fold your sheets can be extensive, especially if you don’t know how to fold the bottom fitted sheet. I lucked out years ago when my mother taught me the trick on how to do this. The Peelaway company has designed a disposable bed sheet that you can use for 7-10 days, or more frequently if soiled. When the time comes to change the sheet, you simply peel away the top layer of sheets and dispose of it properly.

Fresh Sheets are Just a Peel Away with Peelaway Labs 1

Thank you to Peelaway Labs for providing me with a one package of Peelaways Disposable Fitted Sheets for the purpose of this review. All opinions contained are 100% my own.

I am amazed at the Peelaway Disposable Fitted Sheets, especially since they are so convenient to use and most importantly saves me time.


1. Place Peelaways with color stitching at head of mattress;
2. Peel down from top corner and along the seams after 7-10 days or if soiled.
3. Dispose of used layer responsibly and enjoy your new fresh sheet!

Peelaways are not your traditional bed sheet. They allow you to rest with confidence as they absorb fluids. Now, you might think that since these sheets are disposable that they would be hard or stiff. Not so, they are quite soft to sleep on, unlike the paper bed protectors that one might find in a hospital. The special blend of fibers is combined with a breathable waterproof membrane that allows you to stay cool while sleeping. This is a plus in my eyes. These sheets meet all federal flammability standards, and are free from phthalates, lead, fire retardants, solvents and other toxic chemicals.

Convenient and easy to use:

1. Soft
2. Absorbent
3. Waterproof
4. Breathable
5. Protects mattress.

I couldn’t wait to try these sheets out. I received this sample just when I needed to change my sheets. No more fighting with trying to put the fitted sheet on the mattress.

Fresh Sheets are Just a Peel Away with Peelaway Labs 2

The Peelaway Bed Sheets are available in multiple styles to meet your every need. You have your basic Peelaways (5 per package in various sizes); your Crib-A-Peel (5 per package), your Camp-A-Peel (7 per package), and your Dorm-A-Peel (5 per package). The Camp-A-Peel item is perfect for those summer camps that your children attend and the Dorm-A-Peel item is perfect for those dorm room beds, especially since they don’t have to cart the dirty sheets home to wash.

Peelaway Bed Sheets are available online, or at Amazon, buybuy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Raney’s, Walmart, and Rehab Mart.com. And, for being such a loyal follower of our blog, the company has agreed to offer a discount code. Simply use the code “Sleep” upon checkout. This code is good for 20% off the entire Peelaways site. However, the code is only good if you order directly from the company’s website.

Don’t forget to stop by the company’s social media sites for more information on this great product: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Peelaway Bed Sheets are perfect! Not only can I change my sheets in just a minute, I am able to sleep comfortably and feel well rested upon waking. You need to give these sheets a try. Once you find out how convenient they are, you will want to stock up for those times when you go camping, give your college student a package, or even a new mother who would appreciate this time saving task, or if you yourself are simply short on time. Give the gift of convenience this holiday season with a package or two of these sheets to someone that you love.


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