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Garfield Nine Lives DVD Review


I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Public Media Distribution, LLC.

Garfield Nine Lives DVD Review | Garfield Nine Lives DVD Review

Public Media Distribution, LLC this February 13, 2018 brings us a special release, “GARFIELD: NINE LIVES!” on DVD. For many this cartoon was part of our childhood and can now be part of our child’s life as well.  Public Media Distribution has brought us Kate & Mim-Mim for children and Fortitude for adults. They offer high quality, fun and appealing entertainment domestically and internationally. This will be a fun watch for all ages.

This is a nice short DVD. It runs about 50 minutes with two different Garfield episodes, “Garfield in the Rough” and “His Nine Lives”, which was the longer of the two. I like that this has an old feel to it, but for younger kids who are used to a different quality in cartoons it may seem a bit “old”. Garfield as usual is his funny, sarcastic self who is well balanced by the sweet, loyal Odie. He does have his tiny moments where he is no push-over but overall he is loveable and loyal to Garfield, which in “His Nine Lives” pays off well. The second episode is a bit shorter but more of a typical episode. It is funny to see Garfield in the wild, when he is such a spoiled cat. There is more adventure in the latter episode and involvement of Jon than in the first one, which I liked.

We received the Garfield 9 lives DVD and I could not be more excited. My kiddos were a bit surprised that I was more thrilled than they were but of course for me this is a childhood staple show. I was thrilled to see what their reaction would be to the show and to reminisce on a childhood favorite. The first episode catalogues Garfield’s 9 lives since the beginning of time. It was a bit comical but I felt like I wanted a bit more Odie in each and Jon only came up in his current life. I wanted more Jon in this episode. My kids thought his faces and the cave cat images were funny but didn’t get the sarcasm as they are too young for it. Each life resulted in a different Garfield version, from cave cat to space cat and his current image but it also affected the cartoon style. I think our favorite was the Egyptian life of course because of the reverence for cats and the funny ending. I did enjoy the second episode more because it was a more rounded episode and included all three loveable characters.

This DVD is currently priced at $6.99. Check out PBS on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for news on the latest DVD releases for parent or child, or like in this case, both!

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