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Duck Tape® comes in handy for everything!  It’s the only products I know of that can be used to construct an awesome folder that will last my kids the entire year, turn my old high heel shoes black to match my oldest daughters Halloween costume, hold up a truck headlight, and make an amazing décor box for my living room.  I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about all the bright colors and stylish designs of Duck Tape® at Walmart.

Get Ducky & Save Money! Creative Ideas Using Duck Tape® #sponsored 1

Before school started this year my daughter wanted to make a folder using red and black Duck Tape, can you believe it still looks like new.  It has survived being hauled around school, tossed in a locker, brought home where my toddler torments it, and take back to school for another round, and it is still looking good..

Duck Tape® fashion is in!  Whether the kids are plotting a Duck Tape® dress, a Duck Tape® handbag, or a pencil holder for your locker with all the different colors and stylish designs of Duck Tape® you can go as far as your imagination will take you..

Get Ducky & Save Money! Creative Ideas Using Duck Tape® #sponsored 2

There are plenty of reasons someone would want to have Duck Tape® in their house, as well as on their back to school list.  Yes, not only can you use Duck Tape® to make a folder that will last, but you can also make things like book covers, pencil holders, frames, gift boxes, white boxes for science products, as well as to turn old torn up high heels black to match a Halloween costume.  Oh, and don’t forget the other reasons we all love Duck Tape® like fixing a tear in your bikes seat, holding a rear view mirror in place, or making a prom dress.  It’s a must have!

I don’t know why my Duck Tape® loving, oldest daughter doesn’t want the bright, or stylish colors.  She has always loved black and red.  When she buys shoes they are black, it never fails.  It is strictly black or red, and no she doesn’t dress in black, have black hair, paint her nails black, and wear black lipstick.  Which is why it surprises me, typically she wears bright clothing, but when it comes to her shoes, folders, bedroom décor, sheets, and all that jazz she likes red or black.  No fancy designs.  Regardless she has done some pretty neat things over the past few days with black Duck Tape®.  Check it out:

Locker Holder

For school she is in the process of trying to make everything in her locker match.  She used an old box,  wrapped it in black Duck Tape®, and she will use it to hold her scissors, pencils, and things of that nature.

Get Ducky & Save Money! Creative Ideas Using Duck Tape® #sponsored 3

She has also nicely wrapped her pencils in black Duck Tape® to match her new black Duck Tape® holder for her locker.  That and wrapping them in black Duck Tape® keeps everyone from taking them, and if they do she knows it is hers.

Folder for School

Get Ducky & Save Money! Creative Ideas Using Duck Tape® #sponsored 4

She also has her red and black Duck Tape® folder.  She has had this for a while, but it’s neat so I thought I would share it.  If you would like to make a Duck Tape® folder be sure to check out our tutorial, How to Make a Duck Tape® Folder.

Duck Tape Works For Halloween Too!

Great For Shoes!

Catie is already getting ready for a Halloween contest and dance they at school.  She is going to dress up as one of her teachers, lol.  It’s actually going to be really cute, and I’m excited to see it once she is all done. Rather than buying her a pair of new shoes she took an old pair of mine, removed the lace and covered in the black Duck Tape® we bought from Walmart.  See it’s cost effective too!  Spending a few dollars on a roll of Duck Tape® compared to buying a new pair of shoes is a savings I can handle. Now check out the difference in the before and after pictures below.

Get Ducky & Save Money! Creative Ideas Using Duck Tape® #sponsored 5

This is my old high heel that Catie will be using for her Halloween costume.  Pretty ugly, right?  Well look at the picture below.  It’s the same shoe, only black thanks to Duck Tape®!

Get Ducky & Save Money! Creative Ideas Using Duck Tape® #sponsored 6

For the Duck Tape® high heels Catie use an old pair of my heels that used to have lace, and removed it.  She then has slowly started to cover the shoe in Duck Tape®, and it was really that easy.  When she showed me my old heels I almost fell out of my chair.  It took her about 30 minutes, and I don’t know what you think, but I think they look pretty awesome!  Not to mention it’s super easy.

Get Ducky & Save Money! Creative Ideas Using Duck Tape® #sponsored 7

My youngest daughter ended up with a marker, and decided to leave Catie a note on her journal for school.  Since Caite is going with a black Duck Tape® theme for school she decided to cover her journal with Duck Tape® as well.  Another super easy, totally affordable way to use Duck Tape®.  All she did measure her book, and cut strips of Duck Tape® that would fit, and BAM.  She now has a black journal that matches all her other affordable Duck Tape® fun.

Get Ducky & Save Money! Creative Ideas Using Duck Tape® #sponsored 8

Personally I love it.  My daughter is using her imagination, being creative, having fun, and I did not have to buy a pencil holder, new shoes, or a new journal.  Better yet, I only had to purchase her favorite color of Duck Tape® from Walmart.  All this black Duck Tape® has been enough to make her folder, pencil holder, book cover, cover her shoes, and the roll still is not gone.  Thanks Duck Tape®, for saving this mom some major bucks, and allowing my daughter to use her imagination doing things she enjoys.

It’s amazing all the school crafts you can do with Duck Tape®.  Check out a few fun ones I found on the Duck Tape® website: Bags, Backpacks, Locker Organizer, Bookmarks, flower pens, pencil holder, pencil cover, lunch bag, computer case, computer covers, and so much more.  Duck Tape® is cost effective, and with all the bright colors, and stylish designs moms, students, and teachers are limited to their imaginations.

Remember you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart in the craft department, and paint department!  You will find a huge selection like, bright pink, Disney Minnie Mouse, Pink Zebra Print, Paint Splatte, Cheetah Print, Tie Dye, Rainbow Pattern, Polka Dot, Dragon Print (my favorite), Butterfly Print, Graffiti Print, and so much more.

Be sure to follow @TheDuckBrand for tons more creative inspiration for you and the kids, and buy Duck Tape at Walmart!

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