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disclosure for post about pills and prescription drug abuseOpioid Dependence (prescription drug abuse) is an increasing issue in the United States.   Today so many people are affected by the opioid prescription painkiller addiction – millions of people.  Some people start out taking opioid painkillers as an effective medication, before they know it they are addicted.  If you have ever used opioid prescription pain I am sure you will agree they help with pain.  However, if one is not aware of the power these little pill have it can lead to a long road of fighting a powerful addiction.

Pills isolated on a white backgroundThe Hard Facts of Prescription Drug Use (Opioid Dependence)

Opioid dependence is much more popular than many people realize.  It doesn’t discriminate when it comes to gender or race, education or income.  It’s also known as prescription painkiller and heroin addiction.  It is rapidly growing problem that affects about two million Americans per year, and can impact people from all walks of life.  It’s a Chronic Medical Disease, which affects your brain, and tricks it into thinking that the opioids are a necessity for survival.

There is medication to help overcome this disease.  Many people are not aware it’s available, its covered by most health insurance companies, and the users privacy is protected.  It’s sad people do not come forward to get help because they are scared, or embarrassed that someone will find out.  In my opinion people should be more willing to help, and less willing to point the finger.  It’s sad, but happens all the time.  I live in a small town, if anyone finds out anything they blast it all over the town.  So I am sympathetic, and understand people want to keep it private.

What I think about opioid dependence

It’s easy to get addicted to pain medication on accident.  It happens, visit the doctor, and they give you a prescription for pain meds.  Before you know it you have an addiction to pain medication.  Sure some people go out looking for ways to get high, but everyone deserves a second chance, we are human beings we make mistakes.  Opioid dependence is hard to overcome on your own.  Everyone I have known with the disease has visited a doctor, and guess what every last one of them kicked their habit.  They are done with it, no more, no looking back.

After I had my daughter I hurt my bad pretty bad, and the doctor prescribed me pain pills.  Luckily I have a VERY responsible doctor, who only allowed me to take them for a short period of time so my body did not become dependent upon them.  Regardless when I stopped taking them I cannot begin to tell you how horrible I felt once I did.  I never abused my prescription, took them as prescribed by my doctor.  I can see how people get hooked on accident.  It’s not the best feeling in the world detox from them, even if you have only been taking them for a short time.  Pretty scary, right?!

Someone I have known my whole life, that I love very much was mixed up in the prescription drug abuse.  To be completely honest, I would have never guessed things were as bad as they were.  Want to know how I found out someone I love dearly was addicted to opioid pain medication?

One day I get a phone call asking if they could come over and talk to me.  I could tell something was wrong, so I stopped what I was doing and waited until he got to my house.  When he finally got to my house, I could see on his face he was scared, which made me worry even more.  I kept asking him if everything was okay, if he needed anything.  You know the typically freaking questions.  Finally, he asked me to sit down on the couch with him, and just listen for a minute.  He them told me he had been taking prescription medication for the past 5 years, he was an addict, been lying to all of us, and worst of all his wife about their money situation.  He was stealing money from his family.  If you knew this man, sober he would NEVER do anything like this.  He said the reason he was tell his family was because he wanted to quit, but didn’t know how.

He couldn’t go without a pill or he would get deathly ill.  If you are not familiar with opioid withdrawal symptoms they are not pretty.  You get flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, leg cramps, insomnia, headaches, body aches, He told me he couldn’t go without the pills because he would get so sick, yet he couldn’t afford the habit anymore, and his wife though he was going to die in his sleep the other night due to his breathing.  I knew he was finished, but he did not know what do to.  He did not know how to stop, I could see how scared he was.  There is more, but you get where I am going THIS CRAP IS SO dangerous, but guess what there a way is out.  It can be done, people are overcoming prescription drug abuse all the time.  I have seen it with my own eyes!  So don’t give up!

If you think there isn’t treatment, or help out there you are wrong! There is several different options, My loved one decided to visit the doctor’s office, he was treated good, given the help he needed, and had little to no cravings.  He was then referred to a councilor so he had someone to talk to.  Which he ended up really enjoying, and has gone every signal month since them.  Bottom line, he got the help that was right for him and his life, the help he was comfortable with, and he is happy.  His wife and son are happy, and his poor wife doesn’t sit awake at night to make sure he doesn’t stop breathing on her.

It’s sad, but now you hear about how opioid prescriptions painkillers addiction is growing, not only with adults but in our schools too.  It causes people to lose their home, families, and in some cases their life – it’s just not worth it.  Sure doctors should be more responsible when writing prescribing these addictive drugs, but cannot rely on someone to monitor what we are putting into our body.

This stuff is no joke, it’s to be taken serious.  If you know someone who need help – HELP!

How To Get Help For Opioid Dependence

How do you choose the right opioid dependence treatment?  There are several treatments available.  They are all are different, but have the same ultimate goal: to give people a chance to overcome their addiction, and live a happy opioid free life.  It’s important to learn about all options available, stay strong, be confident, and know you are not alone.  The addiction can be beaten.

If you are someone, or you know someone is ready to take control of their life TurnToHelp.com is a wonderful recourse.  TurnToHelp.com is an online resource that helps users anonymously research opioid dependence, learn about treatment options, and find the help they need to overcome their opioid addiction.  You can check out their website here.

If you or someone you know needs help overcoming opioid dependence, and is looking for treatment options be sure to tell them to visit www.turntohelp.com.  It really is a wonderful website for anyone looking to chance their life!

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  1. Barbara Young October 15, 2013
    Thank you so much for bringing this to attention with so much compassion and understanding. It is a scary epidemic that is kept hidden and shouldn't, It is essentially synthetic heroin and and the doctors don;t tell you that. They also don't ask or explain the dangers if you have preteen or older children to keep them safely away from there reach. It's one of the easiest most accessible ways our young people are getting drugs and becoming addicted. Just from the medicine cabinet. Awareness and then compassion and support go a long ways.
  2. marissa lee October 14, 2013
    yes this is becoming a big problem..a lot of drs just give out meds without really checking out the patients.

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