Get Matching Wedding Robes for Your Bridal Party

by Jenn

Why Choose Robes As Gift For Your Bridesmaids?

Walking down the aisle is every girl’s dream, and when it comes true, it becomes the best day ever. This isn’t the only exciting part of your journey; getting ready for the big day together with your bridesmaids is one of the fun parts.

An exciting way to rock your time before you walk down the aisle is by wearing your bridal wedding robes and sipping your mimosas as you get pampered. Nothing can beat this girly moment you get to share with your friends right before you get married.

To make this occasion with your friends more fun, why not choose matching bridesmaid robes that display a classy style, bringing lasting memories to each one of you. And when it comes to making a choice, the options are endless. Are you going for vibrant solid pastels? Do you want to mix and match the robes? Long or short robes? No matter how daring you are, you can be sure that you will find the right wedding robes for your bridal party. Keep reading to see how many options you have!

Get Matching Wedding Robes for Your Bridal Party

A popular bridesmaid robes to choose from.

Satin robes – Satin is one of the most popular fabrics across the world. It feels soft to the touch and displays elegance. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, satin robes come in many different types of floral or other vibrant designs. You can choose to have different animal print satin robes or the same floral designs. Your ladies will be thrilled by the designs!

Embroidered Robes – When you are looking for bridesmaids gifts before your wedding day arrives, you will no doubt be pulling your hair out. After all, what could you possibly buy them that would ever be enough to repay them for their support and time? However, there is a good option that more brides-to-be are discovering as the best gift for bridesmaids, namely embroidered robes!

Waffle weave robes – These robes are beautiful and come in solid colors. They are made in simpler designs but are available in solid vibrant colors. These robes have pockets, making them feel all girly and comfy.

Microfleece robes – These robes are popular with many bridesmaids because they are comfy and fit snuggly. They come in a variety of colors so you can choose to fit them in with your wedding theme colors or match with one another.

Spa Wraps – Spa wraps are the undisputed champions of wedding parties. Made of soft cotton, they are comfortable and oversized — and one size typically fits all.

There is no right or wrong answer when choosing a style for your bride and bridesmaid robes. Spa robes are definitely the most comfortable and forgiving — no matter your body type. But kimono and wrap robes may look a little more stylish in pictures. It is just a matter of what is most important to you.

What makes the bride and bridesmaid robes so popular?

There is a reason why robes are such a popular bridesmaid gift leading up to weddings. Actually, there are several reasons why. Wedding day robes are:

  • Comfortable. There is something to be said about a robe that makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable, and that is exactly how you and your bridesmaids should feel on the big day.
  • Flattering. It is very nice to be wearing something flattering when a professional photographer is on hand snapping pictures (especially when your hair is in rollers).     
  • Convenient. You can wear your robe while getting your hair and makeup done, and you can easily slip your robe off without worrying about it messing up any of the hair and makeup artistry.

It is traditional for brides to give gifts to their bridesmaids at some point leading up to the Big Day. The most popular bridesmaid gifts are undoubtedly robes. As a bride, your decision should be straightforward, right? Not exactly. Not all robes are created equal. You will enjoy a huge selection as you shop for the bride and bridesmaid robes, but you will have plenty of decisions to make. If you are planning on having your ceremony prep documented, the occasion will become extra photogenic with coordinating robes for the bridal party, whether you plan a few poses together as a group or opt for candid shots. What is more, a pretty robe makes for a thoughtful bridesmaid gift that your friends can use over and over, long after your Big Day.

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