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How long have you lived in your house?  Has it been years and years since you got something new and you are tired of the old kitchen counter tops?  EZfauxDecor has a solution where you can cover your old counter tops and make them look like granite and it is as                    easy as 1, 2, 3.


EZfauxDecor sent me enough Dark Emperador Granite Premium Vinyl Film to cover these kitchen counter tops in exchange for me writing this review.  Our countertops in the kitchen were in need of some work because they were old and stained so when I got this film for the countertops I was excited to bring my kitchen up to date.

I didn’t realize how bad my countertops were until we finished putting EZfauxDecor Dark Emperador Granite Premium Vinyl Film on but it sure made a difference in the appearance of the kitchen.  Our son helped to install the film because some of the pieces were rather long and it needed two people to maneuver it into place.


See how bland the kitchen looked.  It was just plain jane with no color really to speak of that is why I picked the color of the Dark Emperador Granite Premium Vinyl Film that I did. I wanted some variety and color to liven it up a bit.

EZfauxDecor makes a variety of films that resemble stainless steel for your appliances and granite film for your countertops or any other place you want to put them.  EZfauxDecor granite is made a different way than the stainless film.  It has five layers made by one company that uses a calendered process.  The EZfauxDecor film is made of PVC and is 4ml thick where the other films on the market are only 0.15 to .02 mil thick making it feel like paper. It takes up to 2 days for EZfauxDecor to set up so if you see a problem, you can remove it and straighten it out where the other films is you attempt to take them off you usually rip them and have to apply a new piece.  Besides that, the other films don’t have the quality or thickness and they are not as pretty as EZfauxDecor Films are.


So, one Saturday morning I put the guys to work on replacing my counter tops and both are perfectionist so every piece that went down had to be perfect.  It is a good idea to have a hair dryer or heat gun ready for when you go around corners.  Just heating it up a bit makes the film turn easier and attach to the object below.


When Hubby applied the film to the counter top he used the squeegee that was sent with the film and on the back of the counter top he used the heat gun to get a good crease on the back of the counter top.


This next piece was where the sink went and they took out the sink and faucet to replace it with a new one, new faucet and new garbage disposal.  It made applying the Dark Emperador Granite Premium Vinyl Film easier because they did not have to work around anything other than the hole where the sink went.


I think this is cool!  EZfauxDecor Films are manufactured from upcycled plastics, the backing has measure and grid lines to assist you in cutting straight lines, is tear resistant up to 330 pounds, stain resistant, you can use household cleaners like soft scrub, it does not show fingerprints, it can be applied to textured surfaces like some of our appliances have and it can be used on garage appliances because it will take cold and heat.  Also, if you ever want to remove it you use the heat gun and peel it right off the surface.  It will not leave any sticky residue.


If you are like me and have had your counter tops for a decade or more and you are tired of them you need to check out EZfauxDecor where you can get new counter tops for less than you spent on Christmas.  Check out EZfauxDecor on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. EZfauxDecor also has film for your appliances too, like stainless steel which can transform that old refrigerator.  EZfauxDecor has the solution where you can cover your old counter tops and appliances to make them look like new and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and all for a very reasonable price.

Renovating and revamping any room in your home is super exciting and quite a thrill. It is, however, important to keep everyone and everything safe while doing any kind of work. From covering counter tops with vinyl to a total reconstruction of the bathroom. Here are some safety tips to keep you and your helpers safe on any kind of job site.

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