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Gift Ideas: Minigolsus Foosball Table & Real Soccer Teams


jenns blah blah blog sponsored post disclosureHave you heard of Minigols?  We think a Foosball Table is a great gift idea, especially since you can order a Foosball Table with REAL soccer team!  

I hadn’t heard of them until here recently, and they’re pretty neat, so I wanted to share them with you.  I know most of you like soccer, have a husband who loves soccer, or know someone who loves it, but what about Foosball!  I know right, it’s even cooler because everyone can play.. You don’t have to be sure fast, have great coördination (however it will help), or be able to kick the ball to NYC!  Foosball is something everyone can play! 

Foosball TableAbout Minigols

Whether you’re a child, mom, dad, uncle, aunt or grandparent you’re going to love the new spin Minigols has put on Foosball!  See kids and adults can collect, REAL soccer teams, and even change out players! 

Football has been updated ladies and gentlemen!  Players can even customize their players, formations, players, game after game!  It’s fun for everyone! 

You see Minigols has licenses with national soccer teams, like Germany, Argentina, Germany, and even three popular club soccer teams with more than 50 million fans!  The company is adding more and more teams from here in the U.S. such as Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles Galaxy.

Gift Ideas: Minigolsus Foosball Table & Real Soccer TeamsThese figures are much more than football players; they are acutely limited edition Collector Sets that you can display.  The pack includes eleven players, with team uniforms, hair and facial features to represent the player, and their numbers too.  The team package will include a display stand, which will present the team and individual player base (for each player, which will include their name)

Gift Ideas: Minigolsus Foosball Table & Real Soccer TeamsThese team packages can be purchased separately from the Foosball Tables. 

These awesome figures and the Minigols game are already a huge hit in Europe, and they’re now trying to get the word out that they’re expanding to the United States for the 2014 holiday season.  Yes, I think this would make an awesome gift idea for anyone who loves soccer and would love to have a Foosball Table in their home.  I know I would love to have one because Foosball is fun.  My husband, on the other hand, would LOVE that he can sport favorite team – Los Angeles!  Regardless we can have fun playing together.. Well, I could have fun winning all the time because I always win at Foosball when we play. 

Okay, so I’m totally busted.. I don’t always win, just most of the time.  Okay, Okay, but only because my husband might read this.  He wins; I have only one twice, but that is only because we don’t have our own Fact-ActionMinigols Mini Foosball Table for me to practice with! 

Gift Ideas: Minigolsus Foosball Table & Real Soccer TeamsSince the Foosball Table is only 33.5” x 16.4” in size it makes it easy to store, perfect for kids, easy to care for, and fun for everyone.  You can choose from several different Foosball Tablets ranging from $199 to $229, which isn’t a bad price especially because the Minigols Los Angeles Galaxy Mini Foosball Table is only $199.  Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Someone might just be getting a Foosball Table for Christmas, and it’s not my husband (shhhh, he might read this). 

Gift Ideas: Minigolsus Foosball Table & Real Soccer TeamsMinigols Foosball Table Includes:

  • Eight rods
  • Eight rubber handles
  • Playfield
  • Playfield strips
  • Legs with levers
  • 11 La Galaxy figures (you can choose a different team/table if you like.  We’re just going with LA because my husband loves them).
  • 2 Balls
  • 11 Generic players
  • Tools and assembly instruction

Gift Ideas: Minigolsus Foosball Table & Real Soccer TeamsThese tables are not like other tables in the world.  The figures can be swapped out, which allows you to change your teams around, players and even the formations of the game. 

The Minigolsus.com tables are small in size but look like they are loads of fun.  I love that I can play with my husband by removing the legs and placing the top of a tabletop, or put the legs on and let the kids have some fun playing Foosball too!

To learn more swing by Minigolsus.com.


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