Glow Bug 360 Gusset Diaper Review

With so many cloth diapering companies out there it is hard to find the “right” one. Honestly with cloth diapers it depends on your child and not even one sibling is the same as another in matters of bodily functions.  Sometimes it can be a matter of cloth diapering techniques that wins you over. GlowBug Cloth started in 2011 endeavors to make cloth diapering simple by providing not individual diapers but rather packages to get you started hitting the ground running. Our children grow up so fast, slowing the amount of waste and frustration you can go through with disposables and blow outs can be avoided via their bundles. You can be all set up to cloth diaper versus trying it out with one and finding you don’t have enough to really gauge your cloth like or dislike.

GlowBug Cloth diapers are unique in that they have a patented 360 gusset design, pictured below. They have three wonderful packages, Basic which comes in Velcro or snaps with 12 cloth diapers in three different print set options, a wet bag and 6 Mr. Clock inserts. The Standard also comes in Velcro or snap option with 24 diapers in 6 variety sets as well as a wetbag and 6 Mr. Clock inserts that cover the diaper up to the corners. The Ultimate package comes only in snaps with 24 cloth diapers, 24 inserts, two wet bags and 12 Mr. Clock inserts as well but you are upgraded to bamboo inserts, 36 bamboo wipes, sprayer and disposable liners.  I like pockets over all in one diapers because the dry time is less. You can also remove any wet inserts, air dry the pocket and reuse. They also have a wonderful 180 day warranty policy on their craftsmanship as well as a Lifetime warranty on their snaps. The Velcro options are great up to when your child figures out how to pull of the tabs. Now that my daughter is almost 2 I can’t use those unless she is going to sleep. The basic package is great if you wash frequently, your child is already older or you have several inserts on hand. Their diapers will fit your child from 7 to 35 lbs all you have to do is adjust the snap rise or for a better fit adjust the Velcro.

We received a sample of their patented pocket, 360 gusset diaper from the Dream Job series. Again, I like the pocket because it reduces the dry time, I love the snaps and the prints are too cute. This particular print was neutral and the inside was very soft. Their 360 gussets will help you keep any explosive poop action in the diaper and not elsewhere. The gussets are like little hills keeping the poop from rushing, sorry if you are grossed out thinking about it. I am not a fan of cloth diapers made in China but these were of better quality than others I have tried. The fit was great and my daughter can’t pull the snaps no matter how much, and she does, try.

You can find their lowest package currently on their site for $159, their Velcro sets or $199 for their snaps sets and get 10% off via this link. You can also find them at retailers near you if you call or email them. Shipping is free with any of their packages and will arrive within 2-5 days. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for any great deals and new prints. One lucky reader can get one cloth diaper in boy, girl or neutral print.



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