Great Ideas to Encourage Your Toddler Dancers To Stay Active at Home

by Jenn

Toddlers generally love to dance. It’s a natural progression from discovering they can walk and even run. As their coordination improves they will naturally start to move to music. All you have to do is play it. Knowing this allows you to use music to keep your child active. It’s even easier if you sign them up for preschool dance lessons, they will already be interested in dancing.

You should remember that dancing is a great skill to have. It will help them to feel confident and be involved in social events. It also gives children the opportunity to make friends and improve their social skills. 

However, dance classes can’t be held all the time, you need to encourage your toddler dancer to stay active.

Join Them

This is the most obvious way to get them moving at home and they will improve what they are learning in class. It’s highly likely you’ve stayed at the class while your toddler dances. That means you know the moves.

All you have to do is dance with them at home, repeating the moves they are learning. Your child will recognize the dance and can do this with you. It will improve their dancing skills and help you to bond with them.

Give Them Space

It’s easy for any house to become cluttered; after all, everyone leads busy lives. But, you can find a little time to clear the clutter and make a dedicated dance space. Your child can then dance whenever they want, knowing it is safe to do so. This space can also be useful for learning other skills, the only limit is imagination. 

 Teach Melting

Melting is simply the idea of listening to music while pretending your body is melting. It’s a great way to be active and move your body while discovering your own limitations. 

Simply set five minutes aside, put on a song and challenge your toddler to melt until the song has finished. Join them and they will feel inspired, as well as getting quality time with each other. 

Be Spontaneous

Dancing in a dedicated space means your toddler knows they can dance there whenever they want. But, you should also teach them that spontaneity is a good thing. Pick a different spot than usual and challenge your toddler to make up three dance moves. You copy them and add three more. Keep taking it in turns until one of you gets the routine wrong. Then, start again. 

This becomes a game that improves their movement, coordination, imagination, and boosts memory power, while keeping them active. It’s also surprisingly fun.

Encourage Other Movements

If your toddler loves to dance then you’ll find the above easier to implement. But, remember that there are other ways of being active and having fun while bonding. Make sure you embrace some of these with your toddler to ensure they have a rounded outlook on life. Dancing all the time isn’t a viable option. 

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