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The concept of H2O at Home is efficient, eco-friendly and easy-to-use. When you find cleaners that clean your home that do not meet these three criteria, you will want to change your mind about purchasing commercial products. Use what you have plenty of in your own home and that is H2O. Yep, that is right. Water. It’s simple, safe and it works.

H2O at Home

I love a clean home, which I think all of us would agree. In order to keep a clean home though, you would normally spend exorbitant amounts of money on cleaning products. However, there is a better way to clean. Make the most of your resources by using simply water to do the job. If you had a chance to look under my kitchen sink and in my garage, you would find an abundance of various cleaners to help make my home as clean as possible. However, these cleaners cost large sums of money and take up a tremendous amount of space to store. No need to store those costly cleaners. H2O at Home makes it easy and a whole lot less expensive.

Through the generosity of H2O at Home I was provided several products for the purpose of this review. Namely, a Variety Kit, which included a Heavy Duty Chiffonnette®, one Essential Multi-Surface Chiffonnette®, and one Precision Glass Chiffonnette®, as well as a Cleaning Clay Kit, which included a Clean Clay and one Heavy Duty Chiffonnette®, and a Refillable Laundry Ball Set together with a small Laundry Net and Ceramic Pearls.

H2O at Home gives you a vision about their company. “H2O at Home is devoted to changing the way we shop, from highly consumable to highly durable. We create only toxin-free and environmentally friendly products that are built to last and that adhere to strict European certification standards for organic and natural ingredients.” I whole heartedly agree with their vision. It seems the various commercial products that you purchase in your local supermarket or mass merchandise store only last a short time, does only part of the cleaning job and takes up a lot of space to store between cleanings. H2O at Home products are less expensive and are easier to store. Take for example the Cleaning Clay Kit. The Cleaning Clay Kit is intended for superior everyday cleaning on items in your home, such as ceramic, pots & pans, granite, grout, sinks, ovens, glass shower doors, silverware, stainless steel and jewelry. My feeding dishes for my dog have become quite a mess with the calcium buildup. I tried the Clay Kit on these and was quite impressed with the difference it made.



I have some old pots and pans, which I wanted to test out the Clay Kit to see how well it worked on those. Look for yourself and see the before and after photos.



I would say it was definitely well worth the 5-minute effort it took to clean both the bowl and pan. I used the Cleaning Clay Kit with the Heavy Duty Chiffonnette® and the Precision Glass Chiffonnette® to buff up the shine.

As stated above, the Variety Kit includes a Heavy Duty Chiffonnette®, one Essential Multi-Surface Chiffonnette®, and one Precision Glass Chiffonnette®.  The Heavy Duty Chiffonnette® is intended for use for the toughest of the jobs around your home.  Use this Chiffonnette® on problem areas like mildew, hard water stains, and surfaces that need a scrub.  Each Chiffonnette® is 13” square and made of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide.  The Essential Multi-Surface Chiffonnette® is ideal for trapping dust while dry; however, when used wet, it also lifts up dirt and grease.  This Chiffonnette® measures 13” x 15” and made of 50% polyester and 50% polyamide.  This Chiffonnette® will be the one that you use most around your home.  Next, the Precision Glass Chiffonnette® is designed for glass and mirrors. You can also use these on TVs, tablets, and computer screens.  Use damp to remove fingerprints.  The Precision Glass Chiffonnette is the same size as the Essential Multi-Surface Chiffonnette and made of the same material.  Aside from the Chiffonnettes in the Variety Kit, another Chiffonnette® is available, that being the Precision Multi-Surface.  Use this Chiffonnette® to make smudges disappear and to polish glossy surfaces and stainless steel.  Again, these Chiffonnettes measure 13” x 15” and made of 50% polyester and 50% polyamide.

In addition to the various Chiffonnettes and Cleaning Clay Kit that I was provided with, I received the refillable Laundry Ball Set, which included one refillable Laundry Ball, one small Laundry Net and Ceramic Pearls.  Boost your cleaning power with water when you do your laundry by adding the Refillable Laundry Ball.  This item is compatible with all washing machines.  When you use your Laundry Ball, you only need to add a fraction of a soap product, thus saving you money on detergents.  You can also use your Laundry Ball without soap for those who are skin sensitive.  The Ceramic Pearls will last 18 months for a family of four.  I love this product, as I have sensitive skin and can save some money on the pods I have been using.

The items I received from H2O at Home for this review are only a drop in the bucket of the products that are available to assist you to obtain and maintain a clean and healthy home.  Shop right on the company’s website to be connected to an Advisor.  While you are at it, consider booking a party where you can earn free, or at a generous discount, H2O at Home products.

Stay up to date on the safest and easiest cleaning products through the H2O at Home social media sites: Facebook page, as well as Twitter, and Instagram.

Make your home as clean as possible without harsh chemicals using only H2O at Home products to save both time and money, as well as your family’s health.

Karen Hand

By biblical standards, I am young, by any other standards, I am young at heart. Living in Florida, married to my wonderful husband Kenny for 29 years. I have two children and two step children. My children are all adults; all are within five years apart in age, and all married with families of their own. I have seven grandchildren in total. When I am not writing on Jenns Blah Blah Blog you will find me spending time with my family.

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