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Happy Couples Secrets To A Good Marriage

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Happy Couples Secrets To A Good Marriage

Secrets Happy Couples Have For a Good Marriage

Tracking PixelI’ve heard over and over again that there are happy couples secrets to a good marriage.  I’ve been married for ten years, and I am happily married, most of the time lol.  I don’t know that there is one universal secret ticket that makes you relationship forever perfect because we are all so different it’s hard to think there is one magical secret.  I can only speak about my marriage, and I don’t think there is one secret that keeps us happy because we do a lot of different things to keep our marriage happy and healthy.

The other day my husband and I were watching one of his action movies.  So, I was thinking, and I can’t believe we are still sitting here together taking turns picking movies.  Not a whole lot has changed except we have traded snacks that made us feel guilty in the morning for better options, like Emerald®e Cashews.  OMG, they are amazingly BOLD and seasoned like no other!  My husband and I agree they are a nice change to our movie night, which we started doing twice a week for the past few years because we decided we needed to make more time for just the two of us.  I honestly can’t believe we are still doing our movie nights; it’s awesome.  I hadn’t stopped to think really about how long it’s been and why we initially started doing our movie nights in a long time.  I’m glad I did because I was beginning to take them for granted and that is the last thing I want to do.

Secrets Happy Couples Have For a Good Marriage

A few of my girlfriends come to me for relationship advice, and I do my best to run for cover because they want me to tell them the secret of a good marriage.  Something people who have been together for a long time and are still happily married seem to have in common is that they still work on their marriage. If there is a secret, I think it starts with a commitment to one another.  Marriage isn’t easy; both people must be committed to each other and their relationship.  Based on mu experiences happy couples are not always happy, they have problems, and they get angry with one another too.

Happy Couples Secrets To A Good Marriage JBBBHappy Couples Secrets For A Good Marriage

Here are few happy couples secrets for a good marriage.

1.) Be thankful – Seriously, if you cannot look at your partner and truly be thankful for that person you might think about what you are doing.  Just remember if you tell your partner you appreciate them it needs to be followed up by actions, or they are just words.

2.) Time away can be good – Let one another spend time with their friend while you stay behind.   Spending time without one another is good for a relationship because it gives you a chance to miss those little things about one another.

3.) The little things matter  – NEVER stop doing the little things.  The little things are the most important.  They are the things we remember and if ever without them the things we miss most.

4.) Mind games are for kids, SAY IT – If you haven’t started the mind reading games yet, don’t!  If you have something to say, do yourself and your partner a favor and JUST SAY IT.

5.) Have fun together – Make sure you have a good time.  It can be something as small as a water fight in the backyard, wrestling, or flirting. Think back to the things you did when you first got together and had fun.  

6.) Dang babe you look hot – Yes, guys and girls like to know you still think they are smoking hot! It’s important to notice when your partner does something different that you like and tell them.  It’s a great way to keep them feeling confident not only in your relationship but themselves too.

7.) Be considerate – Whether you are going out to eat or staying in and watching a movie remember to be considerate.  Don’t always make he watch a chick flick with you.  Be considerate of one another’s likes and dislikes and be willing to be part of what your partner enjoys and they should do the same for you.

Quotes About Love for Valentine's Day Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile
8.) Being alone is addicting –
Whether you put the kids to bed a little early or head out for a romantic dinner and a movie it’s important to spend time together.

9.) Have parties – Invite over family and friends for a nice summertime BBQ, to watch the Superbowl or just to hang out and eat dinner.  It’s okay that you want to have friends over.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is being together every moment of every day.  Take a break, relax, and have some fun hosting a party of some sort. Plus, it’s goo dot get to know one another’s friends.

10.) Be honest – Just don’t do it, it’s not worth it.  One lie will do more damage than many realize.  Yes, the little white lie counts, it’s a lie.  If you care, you’ll be better off being honest.

Funny Valentine's Day Quotes "I don't understand why cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short chubby toddler coming at me with a wearpon.
11.) Forgive –
In every relationship, there will be arguments and mistakes made before you forgive someone for their mistakes make sure you can do just that.  Forgiveness is hard but holding your partner responsible for something you said you forgave them for isn’t easy for them, and it probably won’t last too long, and they’ll get sick of it.  Yes, it means forgiving them even if they ate all the Dill Pickle flavored Emerald Cashews and didn’t tell you.

12.) Surprise – To this day I can’t think of anything sweeter than my husband surprising me.  It doesn’t even have to be anything big.  Just the fact that he did it and thought about me puts a smile on my face.

13.) I love you before bye – Don’t allow yourself to start even getting into the habit of leaving without saying I love you and sneaking in a little kiss.

14.) Laugh together – Whether it’s a joke or something silly one of you did laugh together.  Being able to joke and laugh together is beneficial for your relationship.

Secrets Happy Couples Have For a Good Marriage15.) Goals – Sure it’s important to have your goals in life, but you should have goals together as well. Whether it’s buying a home and have children or traveling to England, it should be something you both want to do together.

16.) New is good – Whether it’s going to a city you’ve never been to, hiking down a path you’ve never been down or grabbing some Dill Pickle Cashews at the grocery even the smallest new things can keep your relationship from feeling old and worn out.

17.) Be willing to drop everything –  If you have a guy or gal, who is willing to drop everything for you than you’d better do the same if you plan on trying to keep this person, or it will likely be short-lived.  I know my husband will drop everything for me, and I would do the same for him.  However, it’s not something I ask him to do just knowing he will is enough.

18.) Look unicorns & glitter, sike! There is no unicorns silly  – Couples who are happy and healthy know their partner will not always be happy and have learned the best way to handle the situation.  My husband knows just to leave me alone for a few minutes so I can collect my thoughts.  I know he likes to talk about things before he gets too down on himself.  It helps us avoid an argument between the two of us.

19.) Cherish the little things that drive you crazy – Something I learned when my husband and I split up for those few months is that I love the little things that used to bother me.  When I notice those little things now I cherish them, they don’t bother me anymore because I saw what it was like without them.

Valentine's Day Quotes Love Quotes I have fallen in love many times always with you on blue background20.) Don’t be afraid to make the move – Reconnecting with one another can be hard, but it’s only that first move that is difficult because you don’t know how they will react.  If you think you are disconnecting with your partner, put a stop to it sooner than later.  That first move might be difficult but anything that’s worth something to us we have had to work for, relationship included. Honestly, my husband and I have worked harder for our relationship than we have for just about anything else.   There is a quote by Mignon McLaughlin that I think of every time I talk about this, and it’s “I have fallen in love many times.  Always with you.”

21.) Listen with an open mind and care – Happy and healthy couples appreciate the fact that their partner is different, has different feelings and is impacted differently and

marriage22.) They are committed to one another – To make through everything together both people have to be committed to making their fully relationship work and they have to learn the best ways to handle different situation when they come up.

23.) Support each other – Supporting one another is so important.  I am trying to to lose weight, and my husband has been so supportive.  It makes it easier for me to stick to my diet.  My husband helps me cook a healthy dinner and enjoys a healthy snack with me like Emerald Cashews.

happy couples secrets24.) Movie night just the two of you – There isn’t a whole lot more relaxing than putting the kids to bed and meeting my husband in the den for a movie night together with a tasty guilt free snack like Emerald Cashews.  They are not your ordinary nut; they’re totally nuttier than the average nut and a lot more BOLD, especially with all the new flavors they have going on.  I’m not even joking.

Happy Couples Secrets To A Good MarriageSee, you can grab Emerald 100 calorie packs, which are a great on-the-go snack with BOLD flavor!  I won’t eat if I don’t have something easy to eat when I am out and about.  Needless to say, it’s a bad habit, and I keep a few 100 calorie packs of Emerald Cashews in my purse now.

Happy Couples Secrets To A Good MarriageThey are so yummy and come in several BOLD flavors.  Check it out:

  • Dill Pickle Cashews – A super delicious crisp and tangy seasoning with just the right touch of garlic seasoning.
  • Sriracha Cashews have an excellent spicy red chili and garlic seasoning with a hint of vinegar.
  • Jalapeno Cashews – have a zesty seasoning with the spicy bite of a jalapeno pepper.
  • Salt & Pepper Cashews have the classic combo of salt and freshly ground pepper.  A super yummy snack!

Happy Couples Secrets To A Good MarriageEmerald not only has the best cashews ever, they understand that snack time should be a little fun too.  So they even stepped things up a bit.  They took an already amazing cashew and made it ever better. How does this happen?   I honestly don’t know which bold flavor of Emerald Cashews I like best; it’s a toss up between all four that I have tried lol.  I guess it’s safe to say they are all my favorites and have been extra appreciated right now because I’m on my diet.  My husband, on the other hand, LOVES the Dill Pickles and Salt and Pepper flavored Emerald Cashews.


Emerald LogoBut don’t think they lack in bold flavor.  See the Nutologist at Emerald work hard to bring us the yummiest combinations of taste.  Yup, don’t, believe me, give them a try.  Your taste buds will love you for it.  Plus, an Emerald Nut is a nuttier nut than many others because they are all about big color, bold shapes, and, of course, being the nuttiest of the nutty snack experience, you’ll find out there.

Emerald BOLD flavored cashews not only help spice up our movie night, but I have a snack I look forward to in an easy to deal with at home or on-the-go 100 calorie pack which helps me track my calories if I wanted.  There is one thing I don’t like about Emerald cashews.  Okay, wait for two – 1.) I don’t like sharing them with anyone, but my husband and even then I don’t like it much.  2.) I don’t like hiding my Emerald Cashews.  Sometimes I hide them so good nobody can find them, not even me.  Sadly, I don’t see a way to avoid hiding them.  Darn it, oh well it’s better to hide them than not have my cashews when I need them.

Oh, yes it is totally okay to hide your Emerald cashews if you are worried your partner will eat them all because it could start a fight.  Think of it as avoiding an argument.  They won’t be able to help themselves; they are so good they might eat them all accidently.  The stores might not have any because everyone in town found out how awesome they are, and you’ll be out until who knows when.  Of course you’ll be upset, wich could start an argument.  So yeah, I would play it safe and just hide them.  Who knows, if they are smart they probably have their stash of Emerald cashews because they want to avoid an argument too.

Hey, it could happen!

Did I miss anything?  If you have something to add be sure to leave a comment and let us know what happy couples do that I missed.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Emerald®.


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    All great advice! I really need to remind my husband how hot he is more often!


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