Health Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

by Jenn

As regards healthcare there are two vital things that people need to understand, first know the kind of services that you can find in the public healthcare system in your region or country and understand how developed the public health system is in your region, as you might quickly find that it is way better to invest in the Medicare Supplement Plans 2021.

If we are to look at statistics and the rating of some of the countries with the best public health systems, you will quickly realize that most of the superpowers haven’t made it to the top five. The countries with the best developed public health care systems, therefore, are such as Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany, now compare that with the World supers powers, the likes of USA, Russia, China, and the United Kingdom that have not featured in the top 3, at least Germany comes 5th thus offers the best public health care. 

The above, therefore, means that you need to understand where you come from and take the necessary steps to institute the necessary measures which will ensure that you and your family can be catered to when it comes to medical emergencies since the public health system is not dependable.  

Medical Health Insurance provides you with the best health treatment and in good facilities- 

If you don’t have insurance not only will it be hard for you to get quick emergency services but finding the relevant specialists can also be a hurdle, more so in the public health system and you might have to part with large sums of money first for consultation then treatment. Besides, some conditions need advanced medical equipment to detect and which your insurance can cover. 

Lack of funds will, therefore, make you settle with the public health facilities and as we have gathered from above most countries are dragging their feet in public health leaving the health insurance policy as the best option for all. 

Provides coverage for hospitalization charges- insurance policy plans in recent times have been designed to cover the outpatient charges which includes the diagnostic tests that can eat into your bank balance if you were to pay cash. So, with regards to your insurance policy, the tests both before and after treatment can be covered but for the stated period and consequently relieve you of a huge financial burden. 

The modern lifestyle-

 When it comes to lifestyle evaluation, we can say that the world has totally lost it because we now have to deal with genetically modified foods, pollution is everywhere even in the water that is used to water plants. Not to mention, the busy work schedules that lead to unhealthy eating habits, all predispose us to health complications, in addition to the ever-dwindling economy. 

So with health insurance, you can access medical care at any time without actually having money in your pocket, because given the above living conditions you just never know what might strike you and at what time. 

Old age and retirement- financial stability and old age are two things that never go hand in hand, here is why, as you get older the medical expenses curve in the chart always goes up while your income curve takes a downturn. So investing in medical insurance, it can help you to better manage your finances, your kids will be relieved from the heavy financial burdens since you will have retired and even better is that you have the option of renewing your health plan until death since it normally excludes age limit. 

Health insurance and tax exemption-

 Unless your employer is paying for your medical insurance, you are likely to be freed from tax responsibilities if you pay for your health insurance from your pocket. Be mindful, however, of where you come from as the policy varies in different countries. 


Your living conditions will determine the urgency with which you should get your health insurance; in a nutshell, however, no one is ever too young to start paying for health insurance. Paying early for a health insurance policy is cheaper and it will only become expensive as you grow older because you tend to be predisposed to more health risks. Let us also remember that chronic illnesses like cancer have no age limit, so if you can get an insurance cover that will accommodate you and your family members the better. 

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