Healthy Habits for Students in College

by Jenn

Life in college is fascinating but pretty challenging due to the overwhelming number of tasks, assignments, and the new information you have to learn. Therefore, taking care of your health is very important to stay productive and maintain the proper level of physical and mental well-being. In this article, we have prepared some pretty simple yet effective tips that will help you stay healthy and happy.

  1. Healthy Balanced Diet

We are what we eat. Pretty often, students overindulge in junk food and sweetened drinks. It won’t make you any healthier or smarter. Therefore, it’s important to stick to a healthy diet. Change your eating habits and eat more food rich in minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. 

Food supplements might also be used, but only after checking with your practitioner. Another important thing is to drink plenty of water that will also regulate your brain activity and will keep you energized throughout the day. 

  1. Regular Physical Activity

Once you start practicing sports on a regular basis, you will boost your brain activity. It will be much easier to memorize and process new information, complete essays, tasks, and assignments. You will see that there is no need to use a custom writing service to submit your tasks on time. It’s important to devote 3-4 hours per week to workouts and spend at least 30 minutes every day walking to stay active and focused. 

  1. Enough Sleep

Being a student means facing hundreds of tasks, assignments, learning huge chunks of information in short periods of time. To keep up with such an overwhelming rhythm, students sleep less than required. Insufficient sleep during the night will negatively affect your physical condition, productivity, and ability to learn effectively. 7-8 hours of sleep are needed for your brain and body to restore their energy level. After having quality rest, you will be twice as effective as without having enough sleep. 

  1. Minimize Online Presence

We live in a digital era when technologies are ruling this world. Every student has a variety of devices that they use for their personal and academic needs. Even though it’s convenient in use, it can be harmful to health and emotional condition. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to give your eyes and brain rest from blue screens and spend more time having fun with friends, taking a walk outside, or doing stuff that doesn’t involve gadgets. 

  1. Ditch Coffee, Alcohol, and Cigarettes

Another important thing to do is to minimize coffee, as excessive caffeine intake is detrimental to your blood vessels and heart functioning. Speaking of alcohol and cigarettes,  it’s commonly known that it kills your health. Do your body a favor and choose nutritious food and drinks instead. The rare exception can be a party or a night with friends, but generally, this is not something that will be beneficial for your health. 

  1. Spend More Time Outside

While learning, it’s important to take regular breaks. Give your brain some rest every hour and take a quick 10 minutes walk outside. Oxygen level will increase, and your brain will function faster; thus, you will make the learning process more effective and faster. It’s a nice chance to get distracted from your academic routine, shift your focus on something more pleasant, and refresh your mind and body. 

  1. Take Care of Your Emotional Health 

Your emotional health is paramount, and paying attention to what you feel is as important as taking care of your body. We know that you face plenty of stress regularly, and it’s important to reduce the level of stress that might be detrimental to your emotional and physical well-being. Try to avoid negative thinking and be more positive about all your academic challenges. 

Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your family and friends. They will always support you and provide some valuable advice if needed. Don’t hold your emotions inside and channel your negativity into sports, for example. It’s a perfect way to get rid of stress, anxiety and become more physically healthy and fit. 

As you can see, these tips are pretty simple, but not every student sticks to these simple rules. It usually results in poor academic performance and, what’s worse, affects overall health. No matter how swamped you are, it will be recommended to put your health first. You will see that these healthy habits will boost your mood, productivity so you can become a better student. Don’t hesitate to change your life today and see positive improvements shortly. 

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