Homework, Prepare for Exams & More With Mentored Online

by Jenn

Do you remember doing homework when you were little?  I do, I remember my mom making us all sit at the kitchen table together and finish our homework.  She did this so she had us all in the same room, away from anything that would distract us and so she was there to help all three of us if we needed it.  Much like I do with my children now.  Well, except my oldest who wants to hang out in her room and do her homework.  Which I’m okay with as long as she continues getting good grades.  Which is exactly what my mom did with me, and it worked out okay.

Once I got into about 8th grade my homework was too difficult for my mom so I would wait for my dad to get home to help me, but that eventually got old.  I didn’t want to wait to do what I wanted, so I would lie about having my homework done or just jot something down and tell them I finished it.  Which isn’t a good idea, but when you don’t get the help you need it’s easy to get discouraged.  I in no way blame my mother because she tried her best to help me and I really cannot expect her to remember everything she learned in high school 20 years ago.

Online Tutoring Right For Your Child

Homework, Prepare for Exams & More With Mentored Online

My younger children still sit at the kitchen table, and I’m able to help them without any issues, but things are not as easy with my oldest daughter.  She’s in 9th grade, and I honestly don’t remember a lot for the things she is doing and I was good at math. I always help her when she comes to me even if I have to look up an example online to remind myself how to do it, but that can be time-consuming, especially when you have to finish your homework before you can do anything.  Yea, I don’t see that going very well and I don’t want Catie to do what I did when I was her age and didn’t get the help I needed which is why I am thrilled that she has been using the Mentored app on her tablet recently.

What is Mentored?

Mentored is an education technology company that was founded in 2013 and located in New York City.  They’re mission to make one on one live learning available for anyone who needs it regardless of the time or place.

According to studies students who get one on one support tend to outperform 98% of peers.  Until recently online live one and one help has been too expensive for everyone to have access.  So Mentored created an easy to use platform that is safe and connects students with an expert via tablets, computers, PC, and laptops.

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Mentored is an easy and affordable way for children in 7th – 12th grade to get help with math, science, English homework and more.

When students are connected with Mentored, they are connected with experts for help using the Mentored app that is currently for iOS and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or by visiting their website at Mentored.com.

We used Mentored together the first time because neither of us knew exactly what we were doing and of course, I want to know more about it because I’m a mom, and that’s what I do.  We signed up for Mentored and accessed it the first time from their w using their website at Mentored.com.  The sign-up process was super easy; I don’t think Catie needed my help for anything.  Everything was super easy to use, and she was connected with someone shortly after she asked her question.

Catie is still using Mentored on her iPad when she needs help with her homework and doesn’t want to wait for mom to figure it out, lol.  I talked to her this morning and asked her what she liked about using the app, and she told me that it was quick, easy, and to the point.

How much does it cost to use Mentored?

Typically a session with a Mentor is about 20 minutes and only costs $5.  If needed the student can extend their session, but Catie hasn’t had to spend more than 20 minutes with her Mentor.

Try Mentored for FREE

Right now you can try Mentored FREE for 20 minutes!  To take advantage of this awesome offer simply click here.

To learn more about Mentor and how it can help your child visit Mentored.com or head over to the Apple App Store and download Mentored now.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Mentored.  All opinions expressed are my own.  

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