Household Hacks That Save You Time and Money

by Jenn

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I love household hacks that save me time and money, especially with a houseful!  As many of you already know, I’m a mommy of four and with the kids out for summer I’m doing everything I can to keep up with work, kids, their mess, and staying on top of holding them accountable for picking up their mess.  Seriously, there is no way one person can keep up with all that; there isn’t enough time in the day, and I don’t have enough arms.  Not to mention the fact that they are old enough to pick at least up after themselves and not leave me with all sorts of crap to clean up.

Quick and Easy Household Hacks to Save Time and Money

Household Hacks That Save You Time and Money

Here are a few awesome household hacks to save you time and money using fabulous products such as Bounce Dryer Sheets, Downy Unstopables, and Bounty Advanced Paper Towels.

Bounce Dryer Sheet Hacks

As you may know, Bounce Dryer Sheets, smell amazing but did you know they can be used for so much more than making your laundry smell fabulous?  Yes, they certainly can.

Glass shower door water stains

If you have a glass door to your shower you understand the pain of hard water stains.  Good news is you can use a Bounce Dryer Sheet to get them off.  Works like a charm.


Hacks to save you time and money

Stay down hair

Static filled hair is never fun, it’s just uncomfortable.  Grab a Bounce Dryer Sheet and rub it on your hair, it will get rid of the static and make your hair smells fresh and clean.  You can also use the dryer sheet on your brush.  Just push the holes through the dryer sheet and brush hair as normal.

Yucky gnats get out of here

Keep a few Bounce Dryer Sheets with you while you are outside to keep the gnats away.

Get the streaks and brighten up Chrome

Cleaned chrome is so beautiful but it’s not always easy to get it shiny and streak free.  After you have cleaned the chrome, grab a used Bounce Dryer Sheet to buff your chrome.  Before you know it the chrome will look like new, and you can sue this on everything from your car to your toaster.


Make the house smell good

Place a Bounce Dryer Sheet on the back of your box fan or lay one flat in each of your AC/heater vents.  When the AC or heater is on you’ll smell the wonderful scent Bounce is known for.

Yucky dirty laundry

Keep laundry from stinking up the room by placing a dryer sheet at the bottom of your hamper.


Just like the hamper you can help keep yucky odors down by putting a dryer sheet at the bottom of the trashcan.


Use one to clean dust off things like lamps, shades, etc.

household hacks

Freshen drawers

Place one in your drawers to keep it smelling great.

Oh, man not again

Use a Bounce Dryer Sheet to wipe away those stinking deodorant marks you always manage to get on your shirt.

Bounty Advanced Paper Towel Hacks

Here are a few household hacks to save you a bit of time and money using Bounty Advanced Paper Towels!

Get back over here

Grab a wet paper towel and place it under your cutting board to prevent it from sliding all over the place while you have a sharp object in your hand.

Hacks to save you time and money


Clean a yucky greasy pan

Just fill the pan up with warm water and place a dryer sheet in the water and let it sit for a bit.  You’ll love it, not scrubbing involved.

So you like cooking in the microwave

A wet paper towel can do wonders.  Just place a paper towel on top of your microwave safe container it will help your veggies cook better, and leftovers from getting all rubbery.

Cooking bacon

Have you ever cooked bacon in the microwave?  I used to do it when I lived with my mom all the time, and it’s super easy.  Just wrap a few slices of bacon in 4 paper towels – 2 on top and two on the bottom.  It keeps the grease from popping all over your microwave.

Quick and Easy Household Hacks to Save Time and Money


Keep those veggies good longer

You can extend the life many greens by just wrapping a paper towel around them.  Then place them in a sealed bag.  That’s it.

All sorts of crafts

Don’t forget about the awesome prize you get when you’re finished with the roll of paper towels.  Yes, the paper towel roll can be used for tons of different crafts, the kids will love it especially this summer.

Hacks to save you time and money

Downy Unstopables Scent Boosters

Yucky garbage disposals

To remove odors from your garbage disposal simply pour a few beads directly into the drain, allow to sit for as long as possible (I like to do it for at least 6 hours or overnight) in the morning turn on your garbage disposal to make sure there are no beads left behind and rinse for 3 seconds with water.

Fantastic smelling homemade laundry detergent

If you make your laundry detergent you can use Downy Unstopables to contribute to making it smell AMAZING!

Carpet & furniture spray

Fill a large squirt bottle (about the size of normal cleaning bottles) with water and add about ¼ of a capful of beads, allow to dissolve.  If needed, you can add more beads to get your desired scent.  Use for carpet, couches, beds, and anything else you want to smell fabulous.

Gosh, I could go on and on with hacks to save you time and money using everyday household items like Bounty Advanced Paper Towels, Downy Unstopables, and Bounce Dryer Sheets.  If I missed one that you think needs to be added to the list be sure and leave us a comment with your quick and easy hack that saves time and money.

I love having around because I can use them for so many different hacks as well as what they’re for, let’s just say my I would be lost without P&G products.  It’s the little things, the little details that make the big difference and make P&G products stand apart from the rest.

cleaning hacks

Bounce Dryer Sheets are by far the best smelling in all of the land.  When I think of how clean laundry smells, I think of Bounce.  Plus, they work great, not only on clothing but some other things as I mentioned above.  If you ask me but they are more than that they work great on clothing as well as some other things.

I love Bounty Advanced Paper Towels; you can feel the difference when you grab one vs. National Bounty.  They are strong, absorbent, and have longer select-a-size sheets.  Yes, that means there is more paper per inch.

And, let’s just say Downy Unstopables are amazing!  Not only do they leave an amazing fragrance behind, but it’s also a long lasting fresh scent.  The scent boosting technology infused the unique beads with up to 9X more scent than many liquids and lasts for up to 12 weeks.  Is that awesome or what?  Plus, they have a variety of fragrances and work with hot or cold water cycles.

The little things in life matter!  More often than not those little things make a big difference – smells, saving time, ease, comfort, feelings, colors and more all have an impact on how we deal with our day.  P&G Products leave my clothing, home, car, hair and more not just smelling great but feeling great.  From getting rid of static hair that makes me cranky to soft static free clothing, saving time and even saving money Bounce Dryer Sheets, Downy Unstopables, and Bounty Paper Towels are one of the little things that have an enormous impact on my day.   I can also save time and money by purchasing P&G products at Costco.  I don’t have to go back as often because I can buy in bulk, yet another little thing with a big impact.

You can get all these items and more on your next run to your local Costco or by visiting

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