How difficult is it to pursue a serious career as a singer?

by Jenn

Before you embark on your singing career you need to define your goals. There is a difference between having a successful career as a singer and being rich and famous. It is still possible to make a good living touring and doing local gigs, without fame. However, the increase in digital technology and social media use is making this increasingly difficult!

Take Some Lessons

Few people are naturally perfect singers. In other words, even if you have a great voice you will benefit from having singing lessons. It’s the best way to help you reach all the notes properly and even give you practice singing in front of other people. 

Best of all, having singing lessons helps to give you confidence in your singing abilities, you’re going to need that if you’re pursuing a career in singing. 

Head Online

Some of the biggest singing stars today actually started out on Tik Tok. There are other social media sites but Tik Tok is one of the best for showcasing your talents and having a little fun. It allows people to see your personality as well as how good your singing voice is.

Build up a decent following and you can quickly go from unknown, to global sensation. 

This is one of the easiest options but there are no guarantees in life. You’re going to need to be ready to work hard.

Try A Singing Competition

In recent years there has been an array of singing competitions such as X-Factor or The Voice. These shows are a fantastic way of getting seen by thousands, if not millions of people. There is no better way to build a following and, even if you don’t win the competition, you can gain the following you need to become a serious singer.

All you have to do is apply to the competition and show the judges you can sing. Of course, that means choosing the right song for your voice and one that you can connect to. 

Try Song Writing

Great singers are only possible if they have great songs. While not everyone is born to be a songwriter, it’s important to try. You may surprise yourself and there is no better way of connecting with your material. It also increases your share of the profits as there is no additional songwriter to pay. 

Put On A Show

In the early days, you’ll need to be posting online daily and taking any local gigs you can get. The key to building a singing career is to remember that singing isn’t enough by itself. You need your audience to feel connected to you and the song. To achieve this, you’ll want to entertain them while singing. 

It can involve an array of backing singers. But, all you really need is belief in yourself and a connection to the song. This will allow you to sing to each member of the audience and show them your passion. That can be enough entertainment to hold any audience and seal your success as a singer. 

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