How Men’s Fashion Has Changed Over the Years

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Men’s fashion trends have undergone dramatic shifts over the decades. Looking back at old photos of your dapper ancestors, it’s clear that men’s style from past generations differs greatly from the modern looks we see today.

Fashion is cyclical, with certain classic styles persisting over time, but each era also brings new innovations and trends to menswear. Lapels, suit cuts, casual wear, accessories, grooming – all facets of men’s fashion continue to evolve. By examining how men’s style has changed over the years, we gain insight into the cultural shifts that influenced clothing designs.

Updating Your Suit Style

In the early 1900s, men wore formal three-piece suits on a daily basis. Suits featured long, restrictive jackets with narrow lapels and heavily constructed shoulders. Pants were high-waisted with wide, flared legs. Today’s suit styles offer much more comfort and flexibility. Modern suits tend to have shorter, boxy jackets with slim, notch lapels and soft, natural shoulders. Trousers sit lower on the hips and are cut closer to the leg. Although solid colors and subtle patterns remain popular, designers now offer suits in a wider variety of fabrics and prints. Stay on trend by adding some stylish suits in gray plaid, navy windowpane, and other updated looks to your professional wardrobe.

Trying New Casual Styles

Men in the 1950s and 1960s favored basic tee shirts, leather jackets, and denim jeans for everyday casual wear. While those classic pieces will never entirely go out of style, there are now many more options for casual looks. Bold printed shirts, jogger pants, and hoodies in technical performance fabrics put a modern twist on casual attire. Hats are also having a major revival beyond traditional baseball caps. Brands like Brixton and Topo Designs offer hats like wide-brim fedoras, bucket hats, and flat caps that add personality to any outfit.

Accessorizing for the Era

Accessories like watches, sunglasses, belts, and shoes complete a man’s look. Popular watch styles have gone from dainty vintage timepieces to sporty digital watches and back again. Wayfarer-style sunglasses transitioned from their mid-century thick plastic frames to more sleek, minimalist designs. Lapel pins for suits, boldly printed socks, and patterned ties offer ways to show some personality and style. And while accessories come and go, some looks, like the classic men’s necktie, persist decade after decade with new patterns and materials. 

Experimenting with Men’s Rings

Rings are one men’s accessory that has dramatically evolved over time. In previous eras, most men would only wear a simple wedding band if any ring at all. But there are now endless options for awesome mens rings with personal style. Statement rings with large stones or intricate enamel detailing draw attention. Multi-finger rings and midi rings create stacks of jewelry along the finger. And materials like ceramic, carved wood, or hammered metal provide unique textures and finishes. Beyond pinky rings and family crest rings, anchors, skulls, and compass designs make bold men’s statements. If you want to develop your own signature look, rings allow you to experiment with different styles.

Men’s fashion changes over time but always comes back around to classic, tailored looks as well as comfortable, casual everyday wear. Add some current, on-trend pieces to update your wardrobe while respecting timeless styles. Use accessories creatively to show off your own personal flair and style.

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