How to become popular on Instagram using inexpensive or free promotion methods?

by Jenn

12 years ago, when Instagram first appeared, we could not have imagined that after a short amount of time it would become a powerful marketing tool used by both major brands and fashion houses, as well as small business owners and influencers. But changes are taking place not only in this area.

The format of the published content has also been changed, not so long ago the developers introduced IGTV, Reels and Stories.The head of the platform said that now it is not an application for publishing square photos. In the trends of recent years, videos of different lengths and their various interpretations are confidently held.

Among other things, there are new ways of promotion that are much more effective than those we knew about before. Every second profile author uses methods such as targeted аadvertising and uses the chance to buy instagram followers cheap. But these methods are only a part of a large set of possibilities.

In the article we will share tips on which free and low-budget ways of promotion are effective in 2022.


 The bottom line is that a novice blogger writes his response under the post of a popular influencer. He wants to be noticed, appreciated and moved to the profile to evaluate published posts and stories. This is a good, and most importantly, absolutely free way of promotion. But your comments should be organic and relate to the topic of the post. The response should not look like an advertisement, otherwise it will anger the author of the publication, and he may block your access to the page. Learn to respond wittily, joke or tell stories that will catch the attention of other comments. Create discussions, help answer readers’ questions – this is the formula for correct commenting, which is significantly different from spam.


Keywords are an excellent marketing tool that is easy to use and understandable to every user. With the help of tags, a person finds the content he is interested in and recognizes new bloggers. Keywords are especially useful for those who sell local goods or provide services. If you position yourself as a blogger, you can use thematic tags and mark the location of geolocation. Using event hashtags is a great way to get new readers with the help of a sensational event. For example, you can use the tag of the FIFA World Cup and then you will reach those users who are interested in this topic.

Mutual PR

This is the same advertisement from the influencer, but in this case you are talking about each other, and not unilaterally. Thus, you exchange viewers, likes and comments. For the authors of new accounts, this is a great chance to get subscribers for free, but you need to understand that not every blogger will agree to cooperate with a newcomer. Sometimes, in order to agree on mutual PR, you have to spend time and a small amount of money to create a base of subs that will create a presentable appearance. In this case, you can buy real instagram followers or launch targeted advertising. Both methods are not so expensive, but they are effective.But don’t bother your readers with the constant advertising of other makers, otherwise they may stop following you. It is better to negotiate cooperation several times a month so that the advertisement looks organic in the profile.

Conducting joint live broadcasts.

 In fact, this is the same as mutual PR. But you don’t advertise each other directly, but stream together. Unlike mutual PR, where you talk about each other in posts and stories, only the most loyal subscribers of the account come to the live broadcast. By conducting a stream, you can be sure that you will get loyal viewers who will be interested in the second author.


We have already said that video content is now the most popular on Insta. The platform’s algorithms promote clips to the top and thus you can get a large number of new viewers. Make some videos to try yourself in a new format. To get a good result, you need to think in detail about the budget and a bright memorable image. It is desirable that the content be useful and dynamic, so that the user will look to the end. The more people watch at least half of the video, the more attractive it will be for algorithms. You can even create a mini-series, each episode of which will end at an interesting moment. This way you will get viewers  to subscribe to follow the release of new episodes.

For effective promotion, we recommend combining all methods with each other and paying attention to the quality of the content. This way you will get the most loyal interested audience, with which you can then monetize your account. Good luck!

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