How to Buy the Best Men’s Roller Skates?     

by Jenn

Besides being a pleasure-seeking activity and even a sport, roller skating has a fascinating history. For example, did you know that the first marriage on skates was recorded in1912? There’s an entire museum dedicated to it in Lincoln (Nebraska). Several movies and even books are based on it. Gliding on rollers is fun and provides an effective workout, using about 80% of your bodies’ muscles. You could do it indoors or outdoors in parks, dirt trails, or pavements utilizing a set of mens roller skates that are optimally functional, safe, and efficient. Once you find one, strap on a pair and experience the thrill of skating. 

What are the different types of skates?

Before you can decide what kind of skates you want, it would be helpful to know their different types. 

Jam skates

Jam skates are lightweight and come with a low cut in the ankles, allowing sufficient room for movement. The space is vital if you want to perform stylish maneuvers or try some fancy footwork. These skates also have a toe plug or jam plug that helps you stop quickly and safely by using friction. Toe plugs are available in various colors, and you can select one according to your requirements.

Roller derby skates

If you are into regular skating or compete in skating tournaments, these rollers are suitable. Even though it has a lot in common with jam skates, it consists of additional padding that provides optimum protection against any impact you might have with another skater. They are also held firmly in place with the help of Velcro straps which ensures the lacing does not come off anytime. You will also find some roller derby that doesn’t have straps. 

Artistic skates

Artistic skates are used in artistic roller skating, a sport that shares specific similarities to figure skating but where the competitions use a roller instead of ice skates. The boots in these have a higher top to provide excellent ankle support during spins, jumps, and other movements that create a lot of impacts. Even though artistic rollers are meant for indoor use, many skaters use them outdoors by switching the wheels out. Since the wheels are soft and wide, they act as excellent shock absorbers while crossing obstacles along the path. Besides providing extra stability, the width also increases the comfort level. Wheels between 75 and 104a are commonly used in these rollers.

Rhythm skates

Some people mistake rhythm and artistic rollers to be the same thing, which is untrue. The boot design of a rhythm skate bears a strong resemblance to an artistic and jam roller. But instead of a traditional foot brake, rhythm skates have a cable that plugs into the skates. Choosing the right boot for this type of skating is also vital. A high-top boot provides maximum support, while a boot made from stiff leather protects you from injuries and ankle sprains. The wheel also plays a significant factor in deciding the quality of the skate. For instance, a stiffer wheel is your best bet if you plan to glide on a rink, while a softer one would be perfect for outdoor use. 

Outdoor skates

Outdoor skates are differentiated from indoor ones by their wheel’s hardness or softness. Skates for outdoor use have softer and wider wheels that enable you to negotiate and cross rough surfaces without feeling the impact on your joints every time. As a rough estimate, anything between 60 millimeters and 70 millimeters serves the best purpose. 

Speed skates

Even though speed is usually associated with inline skates, you will find a lot of rollers that provide incredible speed. They lack any padding and have wheels made mostly from polyurethane, and the overall weight of these rollers is less than others on the list. 

Having some idea about the various skates will help you buy the best pair of men’s roller skates. Skating is a fun-filled, thrilling, and exciting sport but can be hard on your ankles, joints, and other muscles, which is why it is crucial to have the right kind of rollers for your feet. 

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