How To Choose A Brand Of Compatible Ink Cartridges

by Jenn

Cartridges from printer manufacturers like Canon or HP are outrageously pricey. Despite consumer outrage, the corporations have always stuck to their policies, justifying the high cost by annual R&D expenses. Compatible cartridges are an ideal alternative — they are safe, legal, and work just as well as their OEM counterparts. However, not all independent brands are equally reliable.

6 Benefits to Look For

A compatible product must come with a comprehensive set of benefits, from proof of quality to reliable shipping. Follow our guide to choose a trusted store in North America that will cater to your needs.    

  1. Certified Quality 

Brands like comply with globally recognized standards like ISO, CE, and Reach. Their products — whether compatible or remanufactured — work as well as brand-new OEM supplies. Considering the potential savings of 30-70% on average, you will get an impressive value for money.

Unless a store has quality marks, look elsewhere. The demand for compatible cartridges is high, and not all players in this industry are honest. With a bit of research, you will find the best brand for your printing needs.

  1. Warranty

Like any other products, compatible cartridges must come with warranties. Ideally, you should get a 2-year policy covering any production defects and transportation damage. Do not settle for anything less. The length of the warranty can say a lot about the reliability of the brand.

  1. Version of Cartridge Chip

Although compatible supplies are legal, printer brands release firmware updates that can hinder recognition. Their competitors are well aware of this strategy and counteract it by updating their chips. If your store is truly trustworthy, it will guarantee that every chip is up-to-date. 

You don’t have to accept updates of printer software. If you turn them off in the settings, this problem should disappear for good.

  1. Ink Level Tracking

Some models of ink cartridges will tell you when you need to order a replacement. Compatible products should have this feature, too. It is extremely useful — you will know when to buy ink in advance, so your printer will not let you down unexpectedly. 

  1. Customer Support

Reliable companies can be reached 24/7. They provide assistance by phone, email, and via social media. This way, every customer can use a channel convenient for them. Before placing an order, check the quality of customer service. Try calling the center, sending the staff an email or messaging them on social media.

How To Choose A Brand Of Compatible Ink Cartridges 2


Any brand can share five-star testimonials online (or fake them), so look for independent sources. For example, consider the average rating on Trustpilot. Read customer reviews attentively, focusing on issues that recur and the way the company deals with feedback. If several users have complained about the quality, shipping delays, or other problems lately without receiving any response, this is a red flag.

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