How To Choose A Trainer For Your Doberdane?     

by Jenn

There is no regulation of the dog training industry, so anyone can claim to be a “professional dog trainer” and do whatever they want to your dog.​ It can have a profound effect on you and your dog.

Certain trainers use methods that scare or hurt the dog, resulting in unintended effects. Some dogs become aggressive when motivated by pain or fear, while others become so scared that they stop responding.

A Doberane is an intelligent and responsive breed, so training plays a vital role in its development. However, if an unprofessional trainer trains your dog, it can lead to severe complications in the future.

Things to consider before choosing a dog trainer

  • Certifications

Technically, anyone can start a dog training business with no specific credentials. When looking for a dog trainer, it’s best to go with one who has taken the time and trouble to become a true professional by doing a certification course or attending school. It is good to select dog trainers who have college degrees in animal behavior or similar fields and are certified by reputable associations such as the CCPDT (Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers).

  • Training beyond the basics

Make sure your trainer offers more than just the basics. It is essential to understand how your dog perceives the world so you can meet his needs and live together happily. A dog training lesson should include information on dog communication, behavior, and how dogs learn. Puppy classes should emphasize socialization, and grooming and handling tips are an added perk.

The purpose of a great trainer is to teach you how to train your dog; however, depending on the dog’s issues, they may want to work with one adult at a time and, at some point, include the whole household. The best trainers know how important it is to get the entire family involved and commit to the same goals.

  • Budget

Even with the understanding that what you pay for is what you get, it is also true that most of us look for a training course that is both affordable and convenient. You can get started with a single class, but many people need or desire advanced dog training. Besides, if you don’t have the funds to pay for classes, you’re not likely to continue with them.

  • Experience with the breed

Doberane is a hybrid breed, so it possesses the characteristics of both Doberman and Great Dane. Although they are friendly, they can misbehave with a stranger without proper training. As these dogs are incredibly protective of the family, they can easily harm someone with good intent. Therefore, it is essential to find a dog trainer who has enough experience dealing with this breed.

  • References

You might want to get references while choosing a dog trainer. They will tell you about their experience with the trainer. Ask them about the trainer’s dependability, professionalism, and punctuality. What would they say about the trainer’s personality? Would they describe him as impatient and short or friendly and helpful? Does the dog trust the trainer? Does the dog behave better after training?


The intelligent nature of both parents makes Doberanes capable of being trained to very high standards. While they make excellent guard dogs, they can also be trained as therapy dogs because of their compassionate and loyal side.

Choosing a good trainer for your dog is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make as a dog owner. Unfortunately, it is also a challenging decision to make. Searching dog trainer near me and looking for their credentials both are important. Typically, people choose a dog trainer based on a friend’s recommendation or because they seem qualified. However, doing your own research is essential to avoid any behavioral problems in the future.

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