How to design a stylish and functional shower space

by Jenn

Creating a shower area that combines both functionality and style is essential. It’s important to design your shower space in a way that provides an experience for your routines. Let us guide you through some elements that can help transform your bathroom into a dream retreat! Let’s get into it.

  1. Shower Fixtures and Head 

After selecting a shower enclosure that complements the design of your bathroom, it becomes important to focus on the aspects of the shower parts. Selecting a shower head according to your preferences, such as rain shower heads or multi-functional options, allows you to customize the water flow.

  1. Shower Tiles 

A practical shower space also includes high-quality tiles that not look pleasing but also have durability and water resistance. Consider using large format tiles for an appearance, or opt for tiles to add an extra touch of elegance.

  1. Ventilation 

It’s something you won’t see, but it’s very important. Proper ventilation prevents mold and mildew growth. You can install an exhaust fan or ensure adequate ventilation in your shower space. It’s functionality that makes sure your bathroom stays in good shape. 

  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Now, a mirror cannot be missed in your shower space. Consider placing a mirror in your shower area to help reflect light and give the impression of a spacious room. It adds elegance to the room and is a finishing touch to the style of your choice. 

  1. Enhance lighting 

Proper lighting can really transform the ambiance of your shower space. For a relaxing atmosphere, dimmable LED lights are perfect. Furthermore, consider waterproof light fixtures in the shower or including a window to add natural lighting. 

  1. Smart Storage Solutions 

For a more serene experience, try to create a clutter-free shower space. This can be done by including some storage solutions like built-in shelves or hanging baskets to keep your shower essentials organized.

  1. A simple color scheme 

Using a limited color scheme is another good way to achieve a stylish look that is timeless and creates calmness. However, bold colors and patterns can also add a touch of personality to the space. 

With these elements, you are able to create your dream shower space. Whether you enjoy a morning shower or like to unwind with an evening shower, your space should be comfortable and luxurious, which will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired every day!

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