How to engage a wider audience with your marketing

by Jenn

When you are running a business, you need to make sure that you are connecting with as wide an audience as possible. This can be tough in this day and age as everyone is trying to do the same. There are so many advertising possibilities out there and so even the largest of your competitors will be putting out advertisements on every form of social media and marketing platforms. If you are looking for an inventive way to try and engage with your audience through your marketing, then here are just a few ideas. 


This may sound like an old-school way of advertising but because of this, it can be most effective. Commercial inflatables on sale can be a little expensive and are extremely quirky but they will attract attention. This is really useful if you are in the middle of a city or a town as it can get people talking about your business. People may not immediately come in after seeing your inflatables, but they may go home and google you. It is all about getting the word out there however, you can, and few people tend to go down the inflatable route. 

Real-time adverts

Live broadcasting is one of the most effective marketing techniques that has been developed in recent years. It has been taken on board by Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon. Live broadcasting has been described as one of the best ways to gain and maintain attention from your audience. Video is one of the on-trend forms of media amongst consumers right now and so it needs to be utilized. It can be anything from any video streaming service as long as it is live. It is low-cost but massively effective. 

Interactive polls and quizzes

Interactive content like polls is great because they give your consumer an activity to complete whilst also marketing to them. It will make your brand stand out. You can create quizzes and polls by focusing on brand-specific questions or you could be a little broader and try to bring them around to why they should be using your product or service. The fact is people love quizzes and so will likely engage with them. It is down to you to then create interesting content that will capture your consumer before they drift away.  

Ratings and reviews

Encouraging your customers to leave public reviews and ratings is so important for your brand. People tend to trust other real people. If you can get your loyal fan base to celebrate your brand, then you are not even spending money on advertising. Your customers are doing it for you in a more effective way than you ever could. Try and prompt every customer to leave a review, even if there have been issues. It will make your company seem more trustworthy. 

Advertising and marketing

This is a tough part of running any business, but it is vital to its success. There are so many roads to go down and it can get quite expensive. It doesn’t have to though. Prepare which methods work for you and then implement them one at a time. See what works for your business.

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