How to Impress a Girl: 4 Things You Can Do on Your Date

by Jenn

When you meet someone who you’re interested in romantically, the first date will set the tone for how your relationship goes in the future. You’ll know right away if this person is really into you or not, which is why it’s important to make sure that your date goes well and that they have a great time with you. Here are four ways to impress your date that you can use on your next outing with them!

Make a Positive First Impression

On a first date, your actions and mannerisms can have a great impact on whether or not your date will want to see you again. Make sure that your date with your new potential partner goes well by making a positive first impression. Be genuine, be interesting, and most importantly, look like you’re having fun!

Remember that you don’t need to bring up commitment right away. The first few dates are all about being yourself and making her feel comfortable.

Be Romantic

To woo your date, don’t forget to bring on the romance. This doesn’t mean you need to drop $1,000 on a weekend getaway. Instead, create a unique experience that lets your date know how much she means to you. Even something as simple as planning a surprise picnic or picking up flowers can show her that you’re thinking about her and put a smile on her face.

Cook Her a Meal

Cooking your date a home-cooked meal shows that you care and is also a great way to learn more about her. Even without world-class culinary skills, you can still prepare a homemade meal that will impress her. Even making a basic meal without fancy grilling can go a long way if it has a fun twist to it. For example, you can make a pulled pork sandwich special by upgrading the bun with something fancy like a kaiser roll instead of a basic bun. Whether you prepare kaiser rolls and bratwurst or chicken fettuccine alfredo, making an effort to wow your date in the kitchen will go a long way.

Listen to Her

To really impress a girl, you have to understand her needs. While you should also talk about yourself on your first date, it’s important that you listen just as much or more than you speak. Understand what she says and respond accordingly. If your date starts talking about something specific, do your best not to cut her off or talk over her—that’s all part of showing that you care about what she has to say.

First dates can be nerve-wracking experiences, whether you’re new to dating or have been on plenty of them already. Do everything you can to impress your next date by following these tips and being yourself.

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