How to Land a Reliable Google Adwords Management Company

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There is no doubt that Google is the world’s most popular search engine and as such it has the most stable and reliable Adwords program to run on a pay-per-click platform. You can be guaranteed that through careful placement of your ads, visitors are likely to click on links and visible graphics to your channels. However, to get started on your adwords campaign then you need to find the right adwards management company. 

Factors to consider when Searching for an Adwords Management Company

Not every company that calls itself an adwords management company can actually deliver. Since the industry is quite new, you’ll find some new hippy companies trying their hands on adwords management but barely able to deliver top notch work. This is because they have not invested enough in the right talent, networks and skills to be among the best. The first thing to do is to check out credentials and testimonials to evaluate their previous work experience. Of course experience is a major determinant of skill level and a good way to check for experience and skill is to check for the “Google Ads certified” badge which is usually an indication that the consultant is well versed in google adwords. 

How to Cooperate with Your Google Adwords Management Service Provider

As with any service provision, cooperation is key aspect of business development. You need to take your adwords consultant through your sales and marketing processes as this will make work easier for them and or you. The Google-AdWords consultant needs to understand your core mission, vision and company culture so that the overall messaging doesn’t conflict with any new adverts that come from their effort. Furthermore, you stand to benefit from skill transfer if your cooperation is positive. Your marketing and sales team will be able to handle smaller adwords management campaigns on their own in the future after an extended campaign under an adwords consultant or a google adwords management company. 

Things to Consider at the End of the Adwords Consultancy Service

An adwords consultancy service lasts for the duration of the campaign and in some instances, the company may put the adwords consultancy service on a retainer for an extended period. Whichever the case, there are certain things that are important to consider at the end of any campaign. The first thing to consider is whether the google adwords consultant will retain certain materials they have created in the course of the campaign. The industry standard is that the company will retain all materials but in certain circumstances there may be loopholes allowing the consultant to retain some control on the material created. 


Lastly, ensure the KPIs set at the beginning of the consultancy have been adequately cleared by the adwords management company. This is crucial since you need to retain the same level of brand recognition even after the campaign and you need your internal team to be able to handle it without external help.

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