How To Make Your Garden More Sustainable

by Jenn

Are you planning on redesigning your garden this year? Maybe you’re looking at smaller changes because of your budget? No matter what your reasons are, it’s the perfect time to look at making your garden a little more sustainable.

But where to start? And are there things that you can do that are not only helpful, but cost effective too? Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can make your space even greener.

Be insect-friendly

Love them or hate them, insects and bugs are great for your garden! While some help to pollinate flowers, others eat destructive bugs like aphids – solving your problems for you.

You’ll want to look at introducing insect-friendly garden plants, the kinds that attract the likes of bees, ladybugs and hoverflies. Pot up some dill and gazania for the ladybugs, yarrow for hoverflies and clover for bringing in those ever-so-helpful bees.

Another great way to encourage our friendly insects is to create bug hotels! You can either pick up one at the garden centre or simply drill holes into a leftover piece of wood to create the perfect refuge for bees and other pollinators.


This is one of the easiest ways to make your garden even more sustainable. Turn your old food waste into mulch and fertiliser for your plants, reducing both your food waste and any unnecessary plastic waste from packaging!

Before you begin your composting journey, take a look at your finances to make sure that you’re able to afford a reasonable but reliable composting bin and kit. This will help to make your efforts worth it.

Avoid chemicals

Chemicals are the devil where sustainability and the environment are concerned. Whether it’s pesticides or growth treatments, you should avoid (where possible) using harsh chemicals throughout your garden. This will ensure that you’re promoting natural growing while reducing harm to the environment.

Going 100% organic can be tough, especially if your garden struggles with a particular problem that you’re used to treating with chemicals. But you could explore the possibilities of things such as natural pest-management methods instead.

Choose native plants

Native plants are here for a reason. They thrive in our well-established environment. By planting native blooms, you also support our insect and wildlife populations. It makes sense both ecologically and financially – you’re much less likely to need to consistently replace your plants if you use native ones!

By removing native species from the existing ecosystem, you remove any life that depends on it. Keeping the natural order and balance is key when looking towards a more sustainable future. Explore all the different options there are; you may be surprised at how vibrant and exotic some of our native plants look.

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