How to Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency

by Jenn

Not all that long ago, social media marketing was primarily geared towards younger demographics, but in 2020, Pew Research reported that more than 69% of adults in the U.S. use Facebook on a daily basis, including 68% of individuals aged 50-64, and 46% of individuals 65 and up.  Though slightly less, services like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have all gained traction from the non-so-youthful demographics in recent years, as well. With that in mind, every team with a product that tends to appeal to one age group more than another should be interested in social media marketing, not just those who appeal to the youngsters. 

As social media is a service primarily accessed on one’s device or personal computer, the ways of marketing on the sites also cater to small businesses and sole proprietors. Other small businesses and women-owned businesses tend to use social media marketing a lot because it can be very defined as far as desired demographics go. However, social media marketing geared towards public health education regarding the pandemic being a very recent example of a mass use of social media marketing, so it’s certainly not only for the little guys. 

Regardless of your target demographic, starting your own social media marketing agency is not a bad way to go, especially if you’re experiencing some hardships related to COVID-19, as it can be a part-time gig to help fill in some gaps. Here are some tips on how to set yourself up for success. 

Define Your Niche… and Make Sure It Has Potential

As previously mentioned, niches no longer have to be age-based in the world of social media. There are countless ways of tracking social media impressions (clicks, likes, etc.), and most are very cheap or even free. Being able to see how certain niches react to things is only half of the niche battel, however, as you need to be sure to get paid in the early going.  Consulting a copyright lawyer to make sure you’re getting everything trademarked would also be a smart play in the beginning. 

With that in mind, it’s best to start by choosing clients who won’t be struggling too much to pay you each month, even if immediate results aren’t fantastic. Lawyers and small-practice doctors are always great bets, but anyone who seems to be doing well outside of business, is probably doing just fine within their business. Test the waters and just start talking about your social media marketing thoughts with local peers, and you may find a ton of potential clients… but you also may not, if social media marketing has already proven essential in your locale. 

Get Paid

One of the many appealing things to potential entrepreneurs considering a move to social media marketing is the very small upfront costs. A nice computer and a nice device, and you’re pretty much set. The actual ads cost money to run, just as they do on any other medium, but if structured correctly, that money should be a client cost, not a cost to your business. 

Creating a group of plans to pitch to clients make it easier to make a few more dollars as well. Reason being: utilizing offerings from social media sites to increase the reach of a given ad generally just takes as much time as it does to click a button anywhere on a computer screen. If you offer the basic package and then make your incremental offerings large, but seemingly a deal, you can get paid quite a bit more for the not-so-laborious task of hitting a button or two. 

Be Creative

At the end of the day, social media marketing is still a relatively new way to market, especially when compared to television or print ads. Keep this in mind as you move forward with your business, as there is a very real chance that the best has yet to come, as far as marketing ideas go, so why not capitalize! (or at least try to.) Even failed attempts at creative marketing such as social media recruitment can be used to show your ability to think outside the box, which is a great tactic for getting smaller clients devoid of the chains that corporations sometimes put on their teams.

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