How to Style Your Loungewear When Working From Home

by Jenn

Whether you’re still going to the office every day or are only working from home, it’s important to care for yourself by looking pulled together. Loungewear doesn’t have to be sloppy or uncared for. Instead, strive to up style your loungewear so you can Zoom or teleconference in confidence and comfort. Thanks to the online only shopping options at Dressbarn, you can find loungewear that will help you look and feel fabulous.

Layer Up

Treat yourself to a couple of pairs of tummy control leggings. Many of us feel better in leggings if our bottoms are covered, so pair your leggings with a Tie Dye Maxi Dress and some fun sandals for a fun boho look.

Casual jackets are another nice way to layer up your loungewear. If you’re wearing a trim tee for an online meeting, pair it with a casual blouse or a sheer shouldered windbreaker in white for a sharp on-screen look.

Add Accessories

While putting together your loungewear, make sure you add some long, layered necklaces or a shawl to dress up your outfit. Often, loungewear pieces are separates available in dark, predictable colors and made of sturdy fabrics. Properly cared for, your womens loungewear set and separates will last a long time. For variety, accessories will increase your creative enjoyment.

Use Color

In addition to black leggings and grey hoodies, add a lush blue dress either as a layering item or a standalone casual garment. This dress is quite long, but the side slits are high. If you’re not comfy in showing off that much leg, no worries! Pair this dress with workout capris or a long scarf tied at the waist to cover at least one side slit. This gorgeous blue dress is easy to care for and will look sharp no matter what colors you put with it.

Consider also adding a new pattern to your loungewear wardrobe. The pretty floral top found in the floral print pajama set will work well with black and grey pieces and still make for a lovely night’s sleep.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

Fun shoes can be comfy and turn a loungewear outfit into something a bit more upscale. Consider a pair of bright Mia Freedom Memory Foam Espadrille slip-ons to brighten your look. They’re available in blue tie dye or tan leopard print, so no matter your color scheme, your feet will not be bored in loungewear.

Your Crowning Glory

While hunting for the right loungewear to look sharp on your next Zoom meeting, don’t forget your hair. There are many headbands and scrunchies that can turn a basic ponytail into a “presto” hairdo so you look sharp for your next appointment.

Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed every day and pay special attention to your clothing combinations. Loungewear can easily be mixed and matched to change up your look and present a professional, pulled-together look on screen. Even if they won’t see your feet, change out of your bedroom slippers so you can get out and about after your appointment.

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