How to Talk to Your Teen About Safe Sex

by Jenn

Being sexually responsible is vital to everyone, including teenagers. The way they handle sexual feelings, partners, and situations could impact their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As a parent, it is your responsibility to speak about being safe and mature regarding these feelings and actions. Below are some tips you can use when talking to your teen about safe sex.

Be Honest

Although this conversation may be uncomfortable for you and your child, it is crucial. Failing to speak on this topic could put your teen in dangerous situations in the future. When having the discussion, remain calm and always answer her questions truthfully. If you need to take extra time explaining, that is okay, but you should never be dishonest. By remaining truthful, your daughter will trust you enough to share more details about her sexual relationships and turn to you in her times of need instead of keeping it bottled inside or entrusting a dangerous individual.

Explain the Importance of Consent

One thing that parents do not focus on enough is consent. Teenagers need to know what harassment is and what is considered overstepping their boundaries. For example, sending sexual text messages, video chats, or voice recordings may be trendy for this age group, but it could be harassment, especially when the recipient is not interested. Therefore, sit down with your teen and help him understand that if his friend or partner hasn’t given consent to any sexual feelings or interactions, he should never cross that line.

Outside Assistance

Collaborating with others, such as professionals like those at Prep2Me, could help with the safe sex discussions amongst your teen and other topics. Experts can help you speak on diseases, protection options, and more. Your teen may be more receptive to information that comes from another person. A third party also will have no bias and will be there to help your child get the knowledge they need. Your teen will never be judged and can learn how to maintain trusting and beneficial relationships.

Always Listen

Just as much as you talk about boundaries, safe practices, and the consequences of unsafe behavior, it is necessary to listen to the thoughts and opinions of your son. He may ask something that makes you upset or leads to discomfort, but as a parent, you have to listen and provide him with a safe space. The more you listen to your teenager, the more likely he will share important information with you, regardless of how overwhelming the personal details are.

Using these tips can make it easier to talk with your teen about safe sex, and it could increase the odds that they genuinely listen and use the advice.

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