How You Can Travel With Instagram While Quarantined

by Jenn

Traveling to another country from the comfort of your home is the only resort for people following quarantine instructions.

They are not allowed to leave their homes, so any vacation planning comes to a screeching halt. The only vacation available is in your backyard.

The answer is no, Instagram can take you wherever your heart desires, and you don’t even have to move from the couch.

Every active user has a story to tell about a previous vacation experience, whether they use ViralRace for followers or wait on people to find them through the long process of organic search.

Here is your opportunity to find ways to escape your living room right away.

Overcome Quarantine Blues

There is nothing more annoying than sitting at home for weeks at a time without physical contact with the rest of the world.

You see your associates regularly on the various social media platforms, but they are all doing the same thing as you. Sitting around in their pajamas the entire day, and eating.

The only conversations spoken are those about how boring it is, I need a vacation, and I can’t wait to go back to work.

Everybody has an imagination about what they want to do when they are free to leave home, but not one person is attempting to make the best out of an at-home vacation.

There is a way to escape the four walls that have you feeling trapped, and Instagram is the portal.

Explore On Instagram

Instagram has several ways for you to find an escape. If you have already viewed places relating to travel, then you can navigate to their explore page to find similar pages to the ones you have already seen.

The explore page is Instagram’s gift to you, so you do not have to keep searching for things related to what you like. All you have to do is utilize the tools given to you by Instagram. Start searching for places you never thought of visiting.

If you like diving, visit pages that will take through the beautiful waters of the Egyptian Red Sea or Barracuda Point in Malaysia.

Choose Your Instagram Destination

The destination of your choice is right at the tips of your fingers. Decisions are made based upon the type of weather that you feel most comfortable in and the activities in which you like to participate.

The photos you find on Instagram stories will leave you in the mood to embrace a new culture without worries of an infectious virus.

Look for destinations on Instagram will ease your mind, just like a good meal.

Best Travel Eats On Instagram

Traveling and food go hand-in-hand, so how do you find food on Instagram that the locals are serving?

Just like you found somewhere to travel, you will apply the same technique to finding your favorite delicacies on Instagram.

The ambiance, food, and nature of the place for dining help define if the site is one you enjoy or worth going back to visit.

The best part about being stuck at home is now you have the free time to experiment with some of the dishes you found while traveling.

Don’t stop with the food preparation; you can create your home into the perfect travel destination.

Now that you’re on this virtual vacation, is it starting to become lonely?

Instagram Live With Friends

The virtual vacation that you stumble upon during quarantine is one to share with other Instagram users you may know.

Some accounts traveled are set as private so you are not able to share their post to your story. Find accounts that are public so you can share with your friends the adventures you went on.

They are stuck in their homes, and if they are like you, they also want to find their dream destination. The easiest way to share with them is to tap the photo or video that you see in the feed, and then tap again when you see instructions to add the post to your story.

Document The Travels

While you were traveling to new lands and waters, did you ever think about saving the journey?

Instagram has a feature that allows you to save everything you view so that you can refer to the memories at a later date.

For example, look at the situation you are in now. You are isolated from the rest of the world, secluded in a house with only immediate family, but the scenario is not one that will last forever.

Once the lockdown is over, family members can look back on the memories you have created during the time of boredom.

There is no limit to the number of memories Instagram allows people to save with this feature.

Don’t Let Your Journeys Come To an End.

Do you want to go on a vacation after lounging around the house for weeks?

With all the time spent on looking at other’s Instagram pages and your news feed, you should have an idea of exactly where you want to go, and what time of year is best to visit the location.

With everything saved, the only steps left are to book a flight and hotel.

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