Super Duper Cute Ice Cream Cone Cookies

by Jenn

The Ice Cream Cone Cookies recipe that I will be sharing with you will take more time than your average cookie recipe.  Either way, after making these cookies, you will be proud of yourself.  I know that my daughter was excited to make these and when they were done she was really happy how well that they turned out.  She showed them off to her friends.  We decided to have these at the next birthday party that we are having.

Super Duper Cute Ice Cream Cone Cookies

You will see in these pictures how you will apply the icing on each one of the cookies.


They are pretty easy to make, but again they take more time than what you might be used to.


Making these Ice Cream Cone Cookies were a lot of fun.  My daughter and I spent quality time together and she was able to share with her friends about how she made them.  I think the next time that I make these, I will invite a few of her friends over for a get-together to make these cookies.  They will have just as much fun as she and I did.  The kids in my family love ice cream.  Every time that I buy ice cream, I can’t leave the store without buying the cones.  Me, on the other hand, can just eat the ice cream without the cone.  I prefer a cup or bowl to eat mine from.


Don’t you think that these cookies look cute?  I think so too.

Super Duper Cute Ice Cream Cone Cookies

I am so happy that we had fun making these Ice Cream Cone Cookies.  I hope that you will have just as much fun as my daughter and I did.  Come back and leave a comment after making them. Let me know how well yours turned out.  Did you use different colors from what I used?  Get the recipe below!

Ice Cream Cone Cookies



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